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Chivas vs Atlas: Bares de Chapultepec spark a fraternal rivalry in the Clásico Tapatío

The oldest rivalry in Mexican football is breathed and felt in the bars of Guadalajara. Chivas and Atlas jerseys parade down Avenida Chapultepec.

Another Clásico Tapatío is played, but one from Liguilla. It is the First Leg of the Clausura 2022 Quarterfinals. Fans proudly wear their team colors. They transmit tension. They are confident in celebrating the victory against the archrival.

Everyone is ready to enjoy 90 exciting minutes of soccer. They go to bars with their partner, friends or family. Nervous smiles are drawn. Hugs are given to join forces. There are wholesale greetings. There are no pats on the back. And suddenly the chants emerge.

“Rare Chivas, Rare Chivas, Rare Chivas”is heard in the distance in one of the bars on Avenida Chapultepec followed by five seconds full of applause.

The manager of another bar takes notice immediately and brings out his colors. He implicitly declares himself red and black. He orders the music to be turned off and a few seconds later the sound of the piano is heard, which is a tradition in the Jalisco Stadium. The red and black fans cheer up and let go of the tension with the cry of “Atlas!”.


El Clásico Tapatío is breathed inside and outside the bars, but the rivalry stays on the field, there in the Stadium Akronmore than 13 kilometers away, where Chivas and Atlas star in their ninth match in the history of the Liga MX Playoffs.

A whole classic”

And of course, the tradition of serving customers with luxury suits, with the colors of their team, with that postcard that identifies them as red and black and red and white could not be missing.

In the cantina La Insurgente was no exception. They wore their jerseys in the Clásico Tapatío of the regular season and today they did it again. Waitresses, waiters, cashiers, manager and bartender proudly wore their Chivas and Atlas skins while offering their service to the fans who gathered to enjoy the match.




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