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Chivas vs Atlas: Chiva passion has been in his car for 16 years

Alejandro Flores Esparza’s car shows his love for Chivas. It’s a Tsuru 99, convertible, with red and white leather seats, the Chivas shield painted on the chest and a horn to the sound of “Guadalajara, Guadalajara”.

“I tell my family that The day I die I don’t want to be taken in a carriage to the pantheon, I want to be taken in my car from Chivas“, he expressed.

Alexander he is 16 years old with the car signed by the players. He takes him to work, to his errands and every 15 days to the stadium where the team he loves plays.

“I wanted to have something allusive to my team and I captured it in a car. This is the second chest that changed him and I’m going for the third, I have the signatures of all the players and I’m missing the new ones,” he shared.

Alejandro is 16 years old with his red and white car that he takes to his errands, to work and to the stadium to support his Chivas. THE INFORMER / G. GALLO

He goes to the stadium with his compadres and his sonThey are the ones who accompany him in all the experiences, especially when the team has won and they go to La Minerva in the car: “Everyone wants to take pictures with him.”

And he doesn’t lie. In five minutes at the scene, at least five people came to take photos in the car.
He stated that photos have even been taken of other teams.



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