Saturday, 21 May 2022
SportsChivas vs Atlas: The champion goes to rest with a great advantage

Chivas vs Atlas: The champion goes to rest with a great advantage

In a game that started with a bang on the part of Guadalajara with a clear goal play in the boots of Roberto “Louse” Alvarado, Atlas took advantage of defense mistakes Chivas and goes into the break with a comfortable 0-2 lead, thanks to a couple of goals from the holding midfielder, Jeremy Marquez.

The first goal of the youth squad fell at minute 27, after an error at the start by the local defense, Louis Reyes got the ball back, Julian Quinones tried to define before the exit of Miguel Jimenezbut on the rebound appeared Jeremy To define.

The second goal came near the end of the first half, at minute 43, own Jeremy Marquez defined before the complacency of the defense of the Guadalajara and with the warmth of Hiram Mier and Gilberto Sepulveda defined the right leg, making useless the stretch of the “GuachoJimenez.

Now Guadalajara needs to go all out in the second half and seek to equalize the score, because with the new regulations, to advance to the Semifinals, they must win the aggregate no matter what.




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