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Chivas vs Atlas: This is how the Flock is doing when they lose the Ida games

The Sacred Flock goes against the history of Leagues. This Thursday they fell in the first battle of Quarter finals in view of Atlas And the stats don’t favor him. Chivas when they have lost the Ida as locals in a direct elimination duel of Mexican soccer.

Throughout the history of Leagues, Chivas He has only traced 13% of the keys after losing the Ida at home.

There are eight previous occasions in which Chivas lost the game of Going as a local in a league (includes Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals), and only in one of them did they manage to come back in the Vuelta to advance to the next round.

The only time the Sacred Flock managed to turn around a tie in a foreign field was in the Quarter finals of the Closing Tournament 2006. On that occasion they had lost the first leg 3-2 against Jaguars in it Jalisco Stadiumbut with a last minute goal they won the Vuelta 4-2 in Chiapas territory and thus achieved their pass to semifinals.

However, in the other seven keys where the Herd fell in the Ida match, it was simply not enough to come back and they were eliminated, including a precedent against the red and black.

In it Opening 2004 was Classic Tapatio in the Quarter finals. Chivas they lost the first leg at home by a score of 1-0 and in the end the rojiblancos were eliminated with an aggregate of 4-3.


(Tournament/Stage) First Leg Result/Global Score

  • (Apertura 2012/Quarterfinals) Chivas 1-2 Toluca/Toluca 5-2 Chivas
  • (2006 Closing/Semifinal) Chivas 1-2 Pachuca/Pachuca 4-4 Chivas*
  • (Clausura 2006/Quarterfinals) Chivas 2-3 Jaguares/Jaguares 5-6 Chivas
  • (Apertura 2004/Quarterfinals) Chivas 0-1 Atlas/Atlas 4-3 Chivas
  • (Summer 2000/Semifinal) Chivas 1-4 Toluca/Toluca 6-3 Chivas
  • (Summer 1999/Quarterfinals) Chivas 1-2 Cruz Azul/Cruz Azul 4-3 Chivas
  • (Winter 1997/Quarterfinals) Chivas 1-3 America/America 4-1 Chivas
  • (Season 1990-91/Semifinal) Chivas 0-2 America/America 5-0 Chivas

*Was eliminated due to table position




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