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SportsChivas: Who is Diego Aguirre, the coach who sounds for the Flock?

Chivas: Who is Diego Aguirre, the coach who sounds for the Flock?

From days after, when Chivas was still in competition within the Closure 2022the name of Diego Aguirre began to gain strength as a candidate to lead the Herd.

Although the Guadalajara has not discarded the idea that Richard Chain stay as a coach for the next semester, in Chivas they welcome the possibility that the Uruguayan Aguirre take the reins of the Guadalajara team for the Opening 2022.


In this sense, in case of reaching the HerdAguirre would add another great team to his list of managed clubs, since the one born in Montevideo has trained internationally renowned squads such as Penarol, Atletico Mineiro, San Lorenzo, Sao Paulo or the Inter of Porto Alegre.

As for his record Aguirre He has won titles such as Uruguayan Championshipwhich he won with Penarol in 2003 and in 2010.

Likewise, the Uruguayan strategist has also worked in countries such as Peru Y qatarbecause among the squads he has led are the Lima Alliance and Qatari clubs like Al-Rayyan Y Al-Gharafa.

Regarding his facet as a player, Aguirre can boast that he won the Libertadores Cup from 1987 with the Penarol.

For now the future of Chivas and its possible link with Aguirre are still unknown, but what is a fact is that the directive of the Herd He has welcomed this opportunity.




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