Saturday, 21 May 2022
SportsChivas: Will the red and white cheers return to the Akron Stadium?

Chivas: Will the red and white cheers return to the Akron Stadium?

the club of Chivas could be back in the Akron Stadiumthen facing the Closing League 2022 the Guadalajara analyzes the possibility of re-granting them access to the premises.

After they were classified Quarter finals after eliminating the Cougars on the Reclassificationin it Herd they began to ponder the possible return of the red and white batons, this with the series before the Atlas Red and Black at door

In this sense, this Tuesday could be the key day for the team to announce a position regarding the cheers, which were absent from the Akron Stadium in recent months due to the acts of violence that took place in the Corregidora Stadium in early March.

From that time to date, the Herd came to replace the porras with children from the Jorge Vergara Foundationbut now they could return in a direct elimination series against one of the greatest sporting rivals in the Guadalajara.

It will be this coming Thursday when the Herd receive the party First Leg of the Quarterfinals before the foxesthis at 9:05 p.m. time in the center of the country.




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