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TechChristian Chávez apologizes and responds to criticism for wearing a charro suit

Christian Chávez apologizes and responds to criticism for wearing a charro suit

MEXICO CITY (apro).– Christian Chávez, member of RBD, responded to criticism for having worn a very similar pink charro suit during the group’s last concert.

Many were upset, including the “queen” of the Mexican Charrería Federation, Luisa Echevarría.

“I, Luisa Echevarría, queen of the Mexican Charrería Federation, address you @christianchavezreal, with all the respect and admiration that I have for you and your companions being a group of successful Mexicans who have transcended borders in the name of Mexico . With that same respect, we invite you to wear our clothing, that of the charros, in accordance with our canons and to allow us to be recognized in the world through your art, also, for the elegance of our costumes. “Long live Mexico!” she wrote on Instagram.

Many users criticized her, pointing out that if it had been someone else, they would not criticize him, in addition to the fact that she did not violate the federation’s regulations on charro clothing, which indicates that it is prohibited to be “half dressed as a charro, wear charro pants with tennis shoes, charro pants without a shirt, not wearing a tie or carrying it on the top of the hat, wearing a charro suit with a cap or anything other than the charro hat, taking off the jacket, wearing a vest and anything that goes against or attempt the proper use of the national attire”.

Chávez responded to the criticism with a video on Instagram, where he clarified that his clothing had no relation to that of the Mexican charro, since it has other characteristics and he was only making the video to clarify the point to the people who felt offended.

“I’m very sorry,” he said.

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