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EntertainmentChronology of the death of Ammar Zoni's father, who had liver cancer

Chronology of the death of Ammar Zoni’s father, who had liver cancer


Ammar Zoni and Aditya Zoni’s father, Suhendri Zoni Alruvi died on Saturday (20/1/2024). His body was buried at Kalimulya I TPU, Depok, West Java.

Previously, Suhendri Zoni Alruvi was hospitalized because he had cancer, but Aditya Zoni recently revealed that his father had liver cancer.

“Papa has terminal cancer. So, we already knew that today would happen. So, yes, the positive thing is that papa is no longer sick,” said Aditya Zoni when met at TPU Kalimulya I, Depok, West Java, Sunday (21/1 /2024).



Ammar Zoni’s father’s funeral. Photo: Ahsan Nurrijal/detikHOT

The father first complained of illness in August 2023 when it turned out he had liver cancer.

“He was treated from the start the first time, we initially thought it was an ordinary disease, but it turned out there was something in his heart,” said Aditya Zoni.

Suhendri Zoni Alruvi doesn’t usually complain because he doesn’t want to appear weak in front of his children.

“Are you the type of person who doesn’t want to, what is it, who is strong like that? He doesn’t want his children to be seen as weak, when he wants to take them to the hospital, he’s lazy, so we don’t want to go to the hospital,” he explained. Aditya Zoni.

Aditya Zoni then told about his father’s critical moments. In fact, previously we were still able to communicate smoothly.

“Communication, afternoon and morning, was still smooth. In the morning I was still saying goodbye to the electoral district, in the afternoon I was told that my father was critical. So, after leaving the electoral district, he went straight to Sentul and it turned out he was indeed critical,” said Aditya Zoni.

There was no final message conveyed by the father. Nevertheless, Aditya Zoni was relieved to be able to accompany his father at the end of his life.

“Nothing, no more (last message). Because when he died, he couldn’t say anything,” he concluded.

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