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Cindy Fatikasari-Tengku Firmansyah Move and Look for Work in Canada for the sake of their Children


Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah have confirmed that they will move to Canada after Eid. Both of them have actually been processing their request for permission to stay and stay in Canada for 3 years.

Only this year did Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah get this permit.

“So actually we applied for permanent residence 3 years ago. Long before our eldest got married,” said Cindy Fatikasari when met in the Transmedia area, South Jakarta.



Even though initially Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah had given up and thought they would not qualify for the permit. After giving it all in, it turned out that the permit was finally issued.

“After we didn’t get the news, we thought that we were sincere, but it seemed like we didn’t get it. Eh, it turns out that we were just told that we got it and thank God, it’s the way of Allah SWT that must be done to accompany children, so we did it,” he said.

Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah initially only took care of their twins. However, as parents they think about and feel responsible for looking after their son.

“We just think, for example, if he is very young and continues to live abroad, Firman and I have a responsibility to look after him, his morals and his beliefs and religion,” explained the mother of three children.

“Because this is a boy, in the future he will be the head of the family. So we have to make sure he is still religiously on the straight path,” he continued.

The two twins already want to go to school, work and live in Canada.

“Because these guys said from high school that they wanted to study in Canada. They said they wanted to, so thank God, we granted it,” explained Cindy Fatikasari.

The couple, who have been married for 25 years, will leave for Canada after Eid. They have purchased tickets for the April 16, 2024 flight.

About to live in another country, Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah prepared themselves mentally. Including they have also thought about what work they will do in Canada.

“If we actually register as actors, that’s fine there, but it doesn’t matter what job we do. It’s also okay to be a dishwasher, the important thing is that it’s halal,” said Cindy Fatikasari.

The same as Cindy Fatikasari, Tengku Firmansyah also said the same thing. He has no problem with the work he will do later.

“For me, it’s okay, whatever is important is being able to stay with her (Cindy) and be accompanied by the most important thing,” explained Tengku Firmansyah.

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