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WorldCinema: A respite for Mexican actors

Cinema: A respite for Mexican actors

The Mexican actors who belong to the specialty Union in the United States, on strike for almost three months, can work without problem in Mexico, whether in the production of a Hollywood studio or streaming platform, whose origin is from that country.

Marco Treviño, Secretary General of the National Association of Actors, explains that the difference is that in Mexico the studios are not the ones who hire, but rather they do it through an intermediary, which is a production house.

And he adds that since it is also a Spanish-speaking production, it has another market.

We have an agreement with SAG-AFTRA and the National Association of Actors (ANDA) where actors and actresses who are members of both unions can work in Mexico, in Mexican productions in Spanish, without any problem, just by notifying SAG that they are going to do that. There are certain limitations that some have to face, but anything is possible, as long as the strike in the United States is not affected,” says Treviño.

Among the actors who belong to both unions are Ana de la Reguera and Alfonso Herrera, in addition to Adriana Barraza who will soon begin recording a series for a streaming platform and Karla Souzawho during the last Ariel award revealed that he was talking to acting bodies to see what he could do in Mexico.

This week, a possible solution to the conflict between studios and the writers’ union, which began last May, was announced, but this does not guarantee that this will be transferred to the acting union, which has been on strike since July.

Taking a monthly average of films normally shot in the United States, it is considered that Since May, around 250 new stories have stopped filming, not counting series and television programs such as talk shows. Each production employs at least 100 people, so in film alone, around three thousand jobs would have been lost.

Treviño clarifies that in Mexico actors cannot go on strike in a similar way to their American colleagues, due to national laws themselves.

Here, details, Collective labor contracts (salary) are negotiated once a year and, every two years, comprehensive conditions for everyone.

“In order to negotiate, a strike is called. It is a procedure that you complete and that guarantees that if you do not reach a negotiation, then you have the possibility of going on strike, it is like legal consent. “You can’t do it any other way,” he says.

Treviño clarifies that there may be the possibility of carrying out a strike against a production for violating federal laws.

“But it is very strange, because the ANDA union commissioners; together with the actors, they do their job and resolve (things) before that,” he notes.

Recently there was a meeting between both unions, where the Mexican expressed solidarity with the American.

“We share the needs, we share the struggle, but in Mexico you cannot do something the same,” highlights Treviño.

The universal

“Saturday Night Live” returns after the strike

The program “Saturday Night Live” will return to the small screen on October 14 after the end of the Hollywood writers’ strike, and its 49th season will feature Pete Davidson as host and Bad Bunny as host and special guest.

The project, in which actors such as Michael Che, Mikey Day, Andrew Dismukes and Chloe Fineman will also participate, according to the specialized media Deadline, He is not breaking the rules of the strike that the actors have maintained for more than two months and his return has the support of his union (SAG-AFTRA, in English).

“The SAG-AFTRA members who appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (…) are not violating SAG-AFTRA strike rules, and we support them in fulfilling their contractual obligations,” the institution said in a statement. a statement released on its official website.



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