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EntertainmentClaims hearing postponed again, Ammar Zoni admits he is disappointed

Claims hearing postponed again, Ammar Zoni admits he is disappointed


The lawsuit regarding Ammar Zoni’s sentence in the drug case was postponed today. The delay was because the Public Prosecutor was still preparing the charges.

Ammar Zoni’s party was disappointed with the delay because he was waiting for a decision on rehabilitation or serving a prison sentence. This was said by his attorney, Abdullah Emile Oemar Alamudy.

“Certainly (disappointed), Ammar also talked to me that he was disappointed. He wants this trial to end quickly. And it’s clear what he has to bear in terms of whether he has to appeal, or has to accept the rehab decision, or what, we still I don’t know yet,” said Abdullah Emile Oemar Alamudy at the South Jakarta District Court.

Asked about the reason for the delay, Abdullah said the prosecutor was still determining his charges. Moreover, Ammar has been caught in drugs twice.

“Yes, they’re just not ready, they’re not ready, the settlement of the charges is not yet ready. So, at the moment, perhaps the prosecutor is having a bit of difficulty determining the right charges, perhaps. On the one hand, Ammar has been caught twice for drugs, the first was marijuana, as far as I know. me, and for the second time it has happened twice. So maybe the prosecutor is having a bit of trouble,” he said.

“On the one hand, there is a PB which regulates that drug addicts should undergo rehab. So it is natural that if the prosecutor makes charges, the charges are not imprisonment but rehabilitation, maybe something like that,” he added.

Ammar also felt nervous and afraid during the postponed trial. Especially before undergoing trial, he had received news that his father was in the hospital.

“Yes, definitely, I’m definitely nervous, especially since today’s schedule, when I hear the demands, I’m definitely nervous and knowing that at the trial the judge came in late, it made her nervous for quite a long time. Plus, before I entered the courtroom, I got news that Adit (Ammar’s younger brother) was taking his father to hospital. Insyaallah, hopefully there will be nothing,” he concluded.

Watch Video “Behind Ammar Zoni’s worried and tense face during the prosecution hearing
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