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WorldClara Brugada, 23 points above Santiago Taboada in Citibanamex survey

Clara Brugada, 23 points above Santiago Taboada in Citibanamex survey

MEXICO CITY (apro).— Six months before the election, candidate Clara Brugada leads by 23 percentage points with 51% of the preferences over Santiago Taboada, who only has 28% in the survey carried out by Citibanamex.

While, in a distant third place, Salomón Chertorivski, from Movimiento Ciudadano, registers 5% of the sympathies.

According to Citibanamex, Brugada is the best-known profile and with the best image of the pre-candidates for the government of the capital: 73% of the population of Mexico City says they know Brugada and 48% have a very good image or good of her.

In contrast, Taboada is still unknown to the majority of the city’s population and Chertorivski is the least known of the candidates.

“We consider that the candidate selection process used by Morena has served its nominees to have intense positive exposure to the media and to the public, which in turn establishes a significant distance between them and the opposition candidates. chosen by agreement of the party leaders,” Citibanamex explained.

This effect, he added, can be seen in Brugada’s public presence in Mexico City, which contrasts with the still incipient rise of Taboada and Chertorivski.

In fact, Clara Brugada is better positioned among her supporters than Taboada among hers. When crossing the image of the pre-candidates by voting intention, she highlights that, of the three, Taboada is the one who has the least positive image among his own supporters. Chertorivski and Brugada have a better image among those who intend to vote for them.

For the Citibanamex Economic Studies Center, it is striking that Morena supporters have a very bad image of Taboada while Front supporters have a positive image of Brugada.

Possibly, he added, the allegations, although unproven, of corruption against Taboada have diminished his image among the electorate.

According to Citibanamex, residents of the capital have more information on political-electoral issues and more of them respond to the electoral question.

“Throughout the survey it is evident that those interviewed in Mexico City have more information about the events of the country and about who are pre-candidates in the elections for president and head of government. Residents of the capital are more exposed to national media and seem to be more frequent in using social networks. They are a population with more formal education than the rest of the country”;

In Mexico City, 40% of those interviewed indicate that they could still change their voting intention for head of government.

However, the country’s capital maintains the pro-left position that has characterized it electorally since it began to elect its authorities in 1997.

62% of the capital’s population considers that it would be better for the country to continue with a Morena government than to change to one of the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance.

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