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WorldClashes break out in Pakistan, 3 people are shot dead

Clashes break out in Pakistan, 3 people are shot dead


Clashes occurred between paramilitary forces and protesters in Pakistan’s Kashmir region. A total of three people were reported killed in the incident.

“Three protesters were killed, all were shot, and currently eight people are reported to have been injured,” said Nadeem Janjua, government official and deputy commissioner of Muzaffarabad, as reported by AFPTuesday (14/5/2024).

Thousands of people have been demonstrating since last Friday (10/5) and more than 10 thousand people took to the streets on Monday despite the government offering financial support to the region.



The government sent paramilitary forces known as Rangers to the region on Monday and most internet networks were shut down.

A doctor at the city’s Joint Military Hospital previously told AFP without mentioning names that two people had died from gunshot wounds.

“Many Rangers are also injured but data regarding this has not been collected,” the doctor added.

Another doctor from the same hospital said: “One of the dead was a ninth grader aged around 16 or 17, and the other was in his thirties.”

The prime minister of the Kashmir region on Monday said a police officer was also killed in the weekend violence and more than 100 people were injured, according to the government.

Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq said financial packages for electricity and flour subsidies have been arranged.

Negotiations are ongoing, said Sardar Saqib Shaheen, a member of the Awami Action Committee union which is behind the protest.

“Some demands were met and some were not,” he said at a news conference in Islamabad.

Asim Tariq, a 27-year-old student from Gojra Bypass where the clashes took place, said tear gas entered his house.

“This is affecting my mother’s health and I cannot take her to hospital because of what is happening in the city. I am afraid of losing her.”

“They should not have shot at the protesters. We were just asking for our rights and were met with bullets in return,” added Muhammad Qasim, a 37-year-old shopkeeper.

The Himalayan region is divided between India and Pakistan, both of which claim the region in full.

These two neighboring countries have fought two of the three wars over the region, which in turn de facto separated by a border known as the Line of Control.

Pakistan-administered Kashmir is a semi-autonomous region with its own regional government.

The country was recently hit by a major financial crisis that resulted in hampered imports, soaring inflation and a plunge in the rupee against the dollar.

However, inflation continued to decline and the value of the currency stabilized, thanks to the help of International Monetary Fund agreements.

A team from the global lender will visit Pakistan later this month to discuss the latest deal.


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