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CNTE is planted in the Zócalo 4 days before the March of the Pink Tide

Mobilization of the Higher Normal School of Mexico towards the National Palace, a national strike and the installation of an indefinite sit-in in the capital’s Zócalo were the actions with which the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) commemorated the Teacher’s Day.

Tents and tents were set up after noon, when the mobilization concluded. “Today we are going to stand in this Zócalo… It is not a useless exercise that we carry out, today the workers are in the heart of the country so that it listens to us,” said Pedro Hernández, leader of section 9 located in Mexico City.

The leader of CDMX explained that 80 thousand teachers in Oaxaca will participate in the strikeof which 20% will be installed in sit-in in Zócalo.

In Chiapas, he added, 60,000 more would join the strike, and part of them would arrive at the sit-in.

The teachers will meet today at 10:00 a.m. with President Andrés Manuel López Obradorfrom whom they expect a “timely response” to their demands, and depending on the results they will define “the conducive actions.”

Yenni Pérez Martínez, representative of section 22 of Oaxaca, spoke in the same sense.

“It will depend on the state and federal governments, according to the responses to new demands, it will depend on how far this fight extends. “This is an indefinite strike, there is a sit-in in Oaxaca and in Mexico City.”

So, teachers could be kept for Sundaywhen waiting for march of the call Pink Tide who will lead Xochitl Galvezpresidential candidate of PAN, PRI, PRD.

In the morning, in his press conference, the President was questioned that the dissidents decided to maintain their strike despite the fact that he had been receiving them at the National Palace in previous weeks, and why they did not accept the invitation to the lunch that he organized in the Palace. National.

“Yes, and tomorrow they bring their petition, and I am also going to give them an answer. “They have their policies and we greatly respect their strategies.”

In passing, the union leaders affirmed that they will stay out of the elections.

“The President did say it at the table, we can establish commitments with whoever is going to govern, we are not in that electoral part, we maintain our political-ideological independence, we are not apolitical but we do not support one party or another either, we have confronted the PRI, to the PAN, now to Morena, the problem continues to be structural,” said the capital representative.

The representative in Oaxaca added that “we will not have political representation in the next election”.

About him 10 percent salary increase announced by the federal Executive, Pedro Hernández criticized it, because it is “a few pesos” that do not solve the problem.

“Just as he announced, it means on average 26 pesos more per day for the education worker, it is enough for half a kilo of egg more, half a kilo of tortilla.”

He described it as a “mockery” that it is not specified what the increase will be.

What does the National Coordinator of Education Workers demand?

The requests that will be taken to the Executive are a 30 percent increase in base salary and not combined with benefits, reinstatement of teachers, and pensions that are not based on units of account measurement, as well as that there are immediate replacements for teachers who retire.

The teacher added that, although the President said yes, they were not invited to the meal that was held at the National Palace.

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