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TechCome on, join detikINET for coffee, a relaxing discussion of Artificial Intelligence

Come on, join detikINET for coffee, a relaxing discussion of Artificial Intelligence


At the moment artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence more and more people use it. Is this an opportunity or a threat? It’s time to chat via Ngopi detikINET.

Growth A.I which can be used by many people, has grown rapidly in the last 1 year. AI is not just a chat for programmers far away, but AI is present in the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Various types of chatbots, various AI applications for video editors or photo editors, even for example AI for audio to text transcription, all of these uses of AI help our work a lot. However, there are also many stories about the use of AI causing problems in the creative industry or being used for prank and hoax content.



So, how has AI actually helped in the creative industry, what are its limitations, does AI need to be regulated? For this reason, let’s chat casually at the NGOPI event, namely Chatting about Information and Communication Technology. This is a talk show and workshop from detikINET. Take note of the time:

Day/Date: Saturday, January 27 2024
Time: 13.00 WIB – finished
Venue: Midaz Senayan, Jakarta

NGOPI detikINET will present resource persons from AI actors in the creative industry to discuss the potential of AI in the professional world. Hosted by Syarifah Rahma, the speakers are as follows:

NGOPI detikINET: Open AI, Open World

1. Eka Gustiwana – Musician
2. Irzan Raditya – CEO of Kata.Ai
3. Fino Yurio Kristo – Tech Editor detikInet

The event will be even more lively with Rasukma’s appearance. What’s even more exciting, there are door prizes worth millions of rupiah, you know!

Oh yes, this event is for audiences 18 years and over and is an IQOS friendly event, so please don’t bring children.

This event is free, you know! For registration, please CLICK HERE. Come on, what are you waiting for, register immediately and get interesting knowledge about AI from creative actors!

Watch Video “Intel Plans to Enter the Automotive Sector Through AI
[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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