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EntertainmentCommander Andre Caught Missing Furniture in Office Report Sir!

Commander Andre Caught Missing Furniture in Office Report Sir!


The special comedy show that aired on Trans 7 is back tonight. Exactly at 21.30 WIB tonight, are you ready to meet again with Commander Andre Cs?

In this broadcast, Pasukin was shocked because the Report Pak office! suddenly empty without furniture. Finally, Pasukin carried out his reporting activities in the canteen.

In the canteen, it was the only place that still had tables and chairs. Commander Andre also had the idea to carry out the latest work program entitled Lapor Kan (Report While Eating).



Every citizen who reports will be treated to food so they can relax more while reporting.

This actually made Pasukin member, Ayu Ting Ting, annoyed because she had to bother cleaning up the food and plate waste that had piled up.

Finally, Ayu traced the missing office furniture and discovered that the culprit was Commander Andre.

Tonight’s edition will feature two special guests, namely Sarah Beatrix and Helen Hiu.

Report Program Sir! Trans 7 itself broadcasts every Monday to Friday. The event was attended by Andhika Pratama, Andre Taulany, Wendi Cagur, Surya Insomnia, Hesti Purwadinata, Ayu Ting Ting, and Kiky Saputri.

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