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Commentary Joke Talking Strategy: I Use the Silence Path


The Komeng phenomenon continues to attract attention. Unlike other celebrities who are running, Komeng is not making a big deal, let alone running a campaign.

However, Komeng’s voice shot to the DPD RI West Java electoral district. His photo on the ballot paper is a source of attention for voting. DPD RI for the West Java electoral district has two public figures who have come forward besides Komeng, namely comedians Ogi SOS and Jihan Fahira.

Komeng has repeatedly said that the odd photos were not a deliberate strategy to get votes. In fact, it was a selfie photo which was also questioned by the KPU.



“There’s no strategy. I don’t understand anything like that. They say it’s a marketing strategy,” said Komeng at the FYP Trans7 studio, Mampang, South Jakarta, yesterday.

“Now we have to be careful when we talk, I’m an official, a comedian from West Java. So we have to be careful when we talk. People from the KPU, that’s my own office, Komeng has business, previously they told me to wear traditional clothes. My customs are different, right? “Sometimes when you’re asked to talk, you like to keep quiet. Wear traditional clothes or typical clothes,” he continued, laughing.

Komeng emphasized that there was no other purpose behind his strange photo. Feeling that the photo suited him, Komeng immediately submitted it to the KPU to be placed on the ballot paper.

“Actually, the photo doesn’t have any purpose. It’s a selfie. Wherever I want to go, I just take a photo, I print it. When I went to the KPU, I took it, laughed first, he (the one who received the photo). Fortunately, he laughed when he went to Lebanon, it was much further away. I said, ‘Is that okay?’ ‘That’s OK, there’s no prohibition. Doesn’t Bang Komeng want to change?’ ‘That’s not it.’ Asked 3 times, I said, ‘You asked 4 times, you got an umbrella.’ “I mean, are you serious about giving me this, that’s how it is,” he said.

It wouldn’t be Komeng if there wasn’t a joke in every sentence uttered. Nominating himself as a member of the legislature, Komeng did not even promote himself on his personal social media account.

“I don’t even have it on IG. I use silence, secretly, the next thing I know, it’s in people’s kitchens,” he said.

“If I did that (campaigning), there would be no surprises. So (because I wasn’t campaigning) when it opened, there he was. If I campaigned, talking here and there, I already knew, that’s all,” said Komeng. .

Talking about the name, this could be Komeng’s only strategy. Before running as a legislative candidate, Komeng submitted a name change application to the Cibinong District Court.

The comedian whose full name was previously Alfiansyah Bustami proposed adding his stage name, namely Komeng. So his name became Alfiansyah Bustami Komeng. According to him, just being a Komeng is also possible, but there are things to consider.

“I added the name Komeng, Alfiansyah Komeng. You can also just Komeng but it will be further down the order. So use Alfiansyah for A,” explained Komeng.

Therefore, his name and photo are on the first line on the ballot paper. There are 54 DPD RI candidates for the West Java electoral district. Each row displays 11 photos of legislative candidates.

Until this news was published, based on the real count on the KPU website, Komeng’s temporary vote tally was still climbing in first place.

detikcom monitoring as of 9.25 WIB, Saturday (17/2/2024) Komeng’s vote acquisition had reached 1,393,506 or 12.26 percent. Then followed by Aanya Rina Casmayanti with 615,247 votes or 5.41 percent and Jihan Fahira with 538,342 votes or 4.74 percent.

Vote counting will continue until March 20 2024. Currently, 70,037 out of 140,457 polling stations (49.86 percent) have been reported to the KPU.

Knowing that, his name rose without carrying out a campaign. The question arose to Komeng ‘Why do believers vote?’

“That’s it…” replied Komeng, showing a confused expression on his face.

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