Saturday, 21 May 2022
WorldConditional support from Czech Republic to EU's 'oil sanctions against Russia' proposal

Conditional support from Czech Republic to EU’s ‘oil sanctions against Russia’ proposal

In a statement to the press after the cabinet meeting, Fiala said that they support the harshest sanctions against Russia, but that his country needs 2-3 years to import oil from another country instead of Russia.

Stating that they will support the 6th package of sanctions prepared by the EU against Russia if the necessary transition period is provided for his country, Fiala emphasized that European countries need solidarity in order to get rid of dependence on Russian energy.

“We support the harshest sanctions against Russia, this stance will not change. We also say from the very beginning that the sanctions should not harm Czech citizens more than the Russian Federation,” Fiala said. he said.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said yesterday regarding the content of the new sanctions package planned to be implemented against Russia, “We are addressing our dependence on Russian oil. To be clear, this will not be easy. Some member states are dependent on Russian oil. Now, propose a ban on Russian oil.” “This will be a complete ban on imports of all Russian crude and refined oil products transported by sea and pipeline.” she had used the phrases.

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