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IndiaCop28 dubai : COP-28 conference on climate change from today in Dubai...

Cop28 dubai : COP-28 conference on climate change from today in Dubai leader

Leader Online Desk: This year’s 28th Climate Change Summit is starting today (30th) in Dubai. The conference will discuss the effects of climate change around the world. Deadly floods in the Horn of Africa, forest fires in Canada this summer, global warming record in human history are the main topics to be discussed at the COP-28 conference. (Cop28 dubai)

Cop28 dubai: Discussion on ‘these’ issues related to global climate change

The UN COP conference will focus on many issues related to climate. The dialogue, which will run from November 30 to December 12, is likely to have in-depth discussions on the effects of climate change, use of fossil fuels, financial aid and compensation to reduce methane and carbon emissions. (Cop28 dubai)

Leaders of 200 countries around the world will participate

Deadly heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, storms and floods are affecting quality of life and livelihoods around the world. These issues will be discussed at the United Nations Climate Summit. Global carbon dioxide emissions are set to reach record levels in 2021-22. 90 percent of that was caused by fossil fuels. This topic will also be discussed during COP-28. Around the world, King Charles III, Pope Francis and leaders of nearly 200 countries will highlight these issues. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also attend the conference from India on December 1. (Cop28 dubai)

Prime Minister Modi’s initiative in COP conferences

Over the years, India has also increased its initiative in the annual Climate Change Conference (COP) in line with its growing clout in international economic and geopolitical affairs. As the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, India is emerging as an influential voice for developing countries at annual COP events. At the COP 26 conference held in Glasgow in 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a global initiative to adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle program called ‘LIFE’. It was accepted by countries all over the world.

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