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WorldCoran brule: Iraq convoque le chargé d'affaires swedes

Coran brule: Iraq convoque le chargé d’affaires swedes

AA / Baghdad / Ali Jawad

Iraq’s convoque, dimanche, the charge of Swedish’s, Hakan Rooth, to protest against the destruction by the fire of a copy of the Coran, free holy of the Muslims, by the extreme extremists in Sweden.

The Danish leader of the extreme party Stram Kurs (Ligne dure), Rasmus Paludan, a brulee, Jew, a copy of Saint Coran in the court of Linkoping in Sweden, according to the media.

The Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs declared himself, in a communication, protesting against the Swedish diplomat against the destruction by the fire of the holy Muslim book.

The minister also said that “there are serious consequences for Sweden’s relations with all Muslims”.

The Swedish government intervenes to intervene in order to provoke all acts of provocation to the level of religious sensitivities.

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