Saturday, 2 July 2022
WorldCRAI forces seize several oil wells in Kirkuk

CRAI forces seize several oil wells in Kirkuk

The armed forces of the Kurdish Regional Administration of Iraq (KRAI) seized a number of wells in the Bai Hasan oil field in northwestern Kirkuk.

This was reported on the website of the North Oil Company – North Oil Company (NOC) under the Ministry of Oil of Iraq.

The report notes that the energy from these resources was used for the benefit of the region.

The company called the actions of the armed forces of the CRAI contrary to the Constitution of Iraq and blamed the government of the CRAI.

Earlier, CRAI forces seized wells at the Khurmala and Havana oil fields in Kirkuk, and the NOC filed a lawsuit with the Iraqi courts, the report says.

CRAI government spokesman Chütyar Adil denied allegations that CRAI armed forces seized wells at Bai Hassan.

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