Saturday, 2 July 2022
SportsCruz Azul: The Machine announces the departure of Juan Reynoso

Cruz Azul: The Machine announces the departure of Juan Reynoso

As if it were just another technician, the Blue Cross Machine announced the departure of the Peruvian strategist, John Reynoso with a coldness that has aroused criticism, since it is the man who made them champions after a long drought that lasted 23 years and 5 months.

It was through a statement on social networks, that the Cemeteries thanked the management John Reynoso at the helm of the club, however, being the person most responsible for the ninth title of the Machine, a different farewell would have been expected.

“The ninth, without a doubt, will be one of the greatest chapters in the history of this club,” was the message with which they acknowledged what the Peruvian strategist had done.

Followers and even legends of the Blue Cross have expressed their annoyance at the ways in which the output of John Reynosojust one year after it had brought them the greatest joy in their last 20 years.

“Now if the debacle of our beloved machine is coming, directed by inept people, who give strength to a sports director that no one can see, no player, but also that his brother is a promoter, what a beauty long live football,” he published Carlos Hermosillo.

John Reynoso directed during 3 tournaments at Blue Crossdirected 75 games, won 37, drew 19 and lost 19. In his record he can boast 1 MX League and 1 Champion of Champions.




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