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*Tunisia: MP Mohamed Affes announces his decision to surrender to military justice (AA)

Tunisian parliamentarian Mohamed Affes announced on Monday that he had surrendered to military justice, 9 months after his run, against the background of his accusation in the case known in the media by “the airport case”.

“Today, after the failure of the supporters of the coup (referring to the sit-in of the supporters of President Kaïs Saïed which demands accountability), I decided to go to the military court. Nine months disappearances were not easy. On the contrary, I witnessed security raids against all my relatives. I remained hidden, hoping for an end to the coup and a rejection in principle of military trials for civilians, he explained.

And to add, “the case is not related to corruption or bribery, but rather to intellectual matters and the exercise of my parliamentary functions (…) the civil justice maintained the same case against me and took over other fabricated court cases in connection with the coup.”

On July 31, Tunisian military justice issued arrest warrants against 4 deputies of the Al Karama Coalition, namely Seif El-Din Makhlouf, Abdellatif Aloui, Mohamed Affes and Maher Zaid, in the case known in the media by “l ‘airport affair’.

*Tunisia: Saïed instructs the Minister of Justice to set up the criminal reconciliation body (AA)

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed on Monday instructed Justice Minister Laila Jaffal to set up the Criminal Reconciliation Authority with businessmen involved in corruption cases.

He instructed the Minister of Justice to “set up the Criminal Reconciliation Authority as soon as possible, so that the looted funds return to their legitimate owners, namely the people.”

He said on July 28, 2021: “We estimate the money of the country which has been looted at 13.5 billion dinars (about 5 billion dollars), and it must be returned in exchange for a penal arrangement with the men. of business involved in this spoliation.”

He explained at the time that “the number of those who robbed the country’s money amounts to 460 people, according to a report published by the National Commission for the Investigation of Bribery and corruption”, without however giving the names of these people.

On March 22, Tunisia announced the adoption of a “criminal reconciliation” in corruption cases concerning “economic and financial crimes”, in exchange for the recovery of the money, according to a presidential decree published in the Official Journal.

The announced decision offers a settlement and pardon to 460 businessmen involved in corruption cases, for an amount of 13.5 billion dinars (about 5 billion dollars), which would be invested in public projects.

*Tunisia: New composition of the Independent High Authority for Elections (AA)

The presidential decree issued by Tunisian President Kais Saied on Monday revealed the new composition of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE).

The new ISIE is chaired by Farouk Bouaskar, a member of the former body.

The new composition includes 6 members, they are Sami Ben Slama and Mohamed Tlili Mansri (two members of the former body), Habib Rebii (judicial order magistrate), Maher Jedidi (administrative order magistrate) , Mahmoud Ouaer (financial order magistrate), and Mohamed Naoufel Frikha (engineer specializing in information systems and computer security).

The Independent High Authority for Elections is a constitutional body that has overseen elections since October 2011.

It was previously made up of 9 “independent, neutral and qualified” members, elected by Parliament by a two-thirds majority, and exercising their functions for a term of 6 years, renewable by thirds every two years.

According to a presidential decree published on April 22 in the Official Journal, the fundamental law and the composition of the ISIE have been amended, the body’s office thus becoming “composed of 7 members appointed by presidential decree.”

Several political forces, including the “Ennahdha” movement and the “Workers’ Party” (left), have rejected the ISIE’s amendment decree, considering that it is part of the “consecration of individual power .”

*Slim Chiboub gets six years in prison (Mosaïque Fm)

The Criminal Chamber specializing in the examination of financial corruption cases delivered its verdict, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, concerning the “Marina Gammarth” case and sentenced businessman Slim Chiboub to six years in prison. prison.

Chiboub appeared before the judge and claimed his innocence, indicating that he did not obtain any advantage by converting land in Gammarth into a tourist area.

Note that Slim Chiboub is accused of having acquired lots of land in the Gammarth marina at a price lower than their true value.

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