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Dancing with the stars: Michou, Natoo, Domingo… The influencers have their counter party on Twitch

Camille Combal has something to worry about! Dancing with the Stars 2024 is available on Twitch with a cast of web stars.

This is an unprecedented initiative in the world of television and the Web. Dancing with the Stars will experience a very special evening this Saturday March 9, the day after the usual prime time on TF1: an evening live on Twitch under the aegis of the rising star of the French internet Michou. The latter presented the concept during a (long) live a week ago on his channel, with some figures from the show as guests.

“Dancing with the Internet Stars” was designed as a variation of the famous television show entirely dedicated to the Twitch platform and the TF1+ application. A sort of counter-evening (even if TF1 prime time is scheduled on Friday) hosted by the finalist of the 2021 edition with a full-fledged cast, made up of several influential personalities from the web. Dancing with the Stars promises to transform social media icons into real dancers over the course of three exceptional shows.

A cast of renowned influencers

For this first edition of Dancing with the Internet Stars, the casting brings together well-known faces from the Internet community: Natoo, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, Baghera, LeBouseuh, Domingo, and Nico_Tine, will be the six candidates of the program. Everyone is ready to take on the dance challenge. Rehearsals began this Monday March 4 and Michou has already promised his fans a special edition, between joy, competition and surpassing oneself.

As with Dancing with the Stars on television, the influencers will not be alone in this adventure: they will form duets with well-known professional dancers from the original show, like Elsa Bois, Jordan Mouillerac, Christian Millette, Alizée Bois, Anthony Colette, and Inès Vandamme.

The jury and the format of the show

The jury for its part is made up of the emblematic judges of Dancing with the Stars, namely Chris Marques, Jean-Marc Généreux, Fauve Hautot, and Mel Charlot, enough to bridge the gap with the original show and ensure a certain continuity in the artistic and technical standards of DALS. The big novelty, however, lies in the participation of the public via the Twitch chat, which can influence the vote and therefore the progress of the competition.

Dancing with the Internet Stars also stands out for its format adapted to Twitch: three shows in total, with a first duo eliminated at the launch party. A bold proposal which is part of a desire to merge the worlds of traditional television and live streaming.

How to watch Dancing with the Internet Stars?

Dancing with the Internet Stars can be watched this Saturday, March 9, from 9 p.m., live on Michou’s Twitch channel. The live will be offered in raw version therefore without sequencing, with comments and votes from spectators. A summary of the program will be offered immediately on the TF1+ platform.

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