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Dante Delgado buries any possibility of an alliance with the Broad Front in 2024

MEXICO CITY (appro) , they represent the past and that they have already failed the country, but to promote change.

According to the politician from Veracruz, Movimiento Ciudadano is the only alternative for the future and that is why it is the target of attack by the PRI and PAN, who seek to win the following year’s election with the coalition of the Broad Front for Mexico.

He argued that joining an alliance with those parties is playing the game of Morena and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Neither the voters of Morena nor the undecided want to vote for the old policy. We are the only force that can compete for the change to Morena and, therefore, the only ones that can take votes away from her. Going in alliance with the old politics is giving the regime votes and helping it win the presidency and maintain a majority in Congress. We are not going to allow that to happen”, assured Dante Delgado.

In the letter, the national leader of MC, exposes the main reasons for not allying as members of the same party have proposed, mainly the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro.

“The 2024 election is not about choosing between the two alliances that represent the past. Real change cannot be promoted by following the same path, with the same parties and with the same characters that have already failed the country over and over again. More than two years ago I said that the country had the right to an alternative that proposed solutions to the problems of the present, thinking about the future. I also said that Mexico was not forced to decide between those who failed the Mexicans and those who promised to change history, just to repeat it. I remain convinced of this,” he said.

“2024 is going to put us all to the test and I assure you that this Movement is not going to betray Mexico. We will not betray our principles. We will not betray our word. There is no single reason to join an alliance of unpresentable and doomed to fail. Movimiento Ciudadano is the only alternative for the future, which is why we are between the PRIAN attacks and the perverse games of the president. We are not concerned, because our only responsibility is with Mexico,” said the senator.

He recalled that in 2018 they made an alliance with these same parties that claimed that it would be for the good of the country, however, he maintains that the results were disastrous: they brought legislators to Congress who surrendered to President López Obrador and approved retrograde cuts. Which, he pointed out, caused a negative impact on MC with the worst electoral results and citizen mistrust.

“We are going to keep this Movement alive for the new generation of young people who are transforming Mexico: Luis Donaldo Colosio, Samuel García, Pablo Lemus, Mariana Rodríguez, Salomón Chertorivski, Biby Rabelo, Eliseo Fernández, Mónica Magaña, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, Anayeli Muñoz , Jessica Ortega, Marianela Villasuso and many, many more leaders throughout the country. This new generation does not deserve to appear on the ballot with the emblems of the old politics,” announced the Veracruz native. In his view, the alliance of the PRI and the PAN is a desperate measure to regain power since three out of four people in this country reject their alliance. “The PRI is the brand with the greatest rejection and the alliance became its only chance to survive. The PAN had its opportunity, it has already governed and it has done it badly. For two out of three Mexicans, a hypothetical victory for this alliance would be the worst thing that could happen to Mexico,” he said, arguing that now MC has polls that place it in a better situation with victories in Jalisco, Nuevo León and Campeche. .

“Mexico considers Movimiento Ciudadano as an alternative for the future. Polls confirm that a large majority of Mexicans are against us joining the old political alliances. In addition, 6 out of 10 people consider us the only political option other than the parties of the past. If we join an alliance, we leave Mexico without options.”

In his letter, he warned that betting on the future has exposed them to external pressures, and that there will be costs that he will have to pay. However, he maintained that this does not scare him.

“I have even paid for the decision to confront the regime with my freedom. I am convinced that it is time to provide an alternative to millions of Mexicans who today feel forgotten and betrayed by the old politics, to build a project for the future instead of taking the easy path and complacency. 2024 will test us all. And in this Movement we are determined to change history, not to repeat it”.

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