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Dante Delgado revives tensions with Alfaro: “Politics is done with actions, not with sayings”

The national coordinator of Citizen movement, Dante Delgado, He ruled out any problems within the party.

Despite of disagreement with the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, as well as orange political groups in this state, Delgado rejected that this represents a challenge.

“There are no problems within the party; That is to say, if someone imagines that there are problems, I respect their point of view, but there is absolutely no problem,” he stated.

Likewise, the national leader told the governor that it would be better for him to “get to work,” instead of talking to the media.

“There are those who believe that politics is made with statements; I think it is with actions,” she said.

Regarding the different opinions held within the party, the Emecista senator also maintained that there are strong opinions, but that is not a cause for concern.

Finally, when asked about the unit call Marko Cortés, national leader of the PAN, Delgado: responded: “Poor Markitos. Is the only that i can say. See what you are doing: a blacksmith of your own exercise.”

On the other hand, the coordinator of the MC bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Jorge Alvarez Maynezaccused the PAN and the PRI of looking for the orange party, while supporting Morena.

Through his X account, the legislator accused both institutes of having sided with the regime at important moments.

“The PRI and the PAN repeat over and over again that we must unite to stop Morena. But in Congress they have voted for the most serious reforms of this six-year term,” she asserted.

On the other hand, the coordinator of the bench of senators of MC, Clemente Castaneda, He maintained that it is valid that Alfaro is demanding to be heard in the face of the 2024 elections.

Prior to the plenary meeting of the party, the legislator maintained that if they can resolve this conflict, the oranges will emerge stronger.

“From Jalisco, the governor Enrique Alfaro is making a strong claim to be heard, and that is valid and legitimate. There have always been differences and we have always known how to process them,” she stated.

He also added that “we are aware that if we correctly process the different opinions, MC will be the alternative that Mexico needs. What happens is everyone’s responsibility.”

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