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Dead bodies rotting in hospital beds… Scenes in al-Nasser synonymous with Israeli brutality |

Gazza: The corpses are covered with maggots, rotting.. that too in a hospital bed. The tragic scene took place at Al Nasser Pediatric Hospital in Gaza City.

These pinchomanas were not brought here after death. Rather, they came for treatment. Doctors and nurses were taking care of them by giving medicine and injection. But on November 10, everything suddenly changed. The Israeli Zionist occupation forces stormed this children’s hospital. Doctors and nurses were chased away. Only the toddlers fighting for their lives were left alone here.

“On November 10, the Israeli army surrounded the Alnasser Children’s Hospital. They evacuated the asylum seekers and the medical staff,” Mohammed Hamouda, a doctor who was working at the hospital at the time, told Al Jazeera.

There were even children who needed artificial respiration among them. When we (health workers including doctors) were expelled from there by the Israeli forces, they were told that the Red Cross would follow up all these cases. A generator was running to run the life-saving equipment. But all was in vain. They are all dead. It is lying there and decaying…’ -Dr. Muhammad Hamuda stopped.

The video of the baby’s body rotting has surfaced through social media. This is a scene from one of the hospital’s wards. Al Jazeera’s fact-finding unit ‘Sanad’ has confirmed this.

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