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WorldDeal Closed! Medicines Will Be Distributed to Hostages in Gaza

Deal Closed! Medicines Will Be Distributed to Hostages in Gaza


A new agreement has been reached between Israel and Hamas which continues to fight in the Gaza Strip. The latest deal will allow the delivery of medicine to Israeli hostages still being held in the Gaza Strip, in exchange for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian enclave.

As reported AFP, Wednesday (17/1/2024), this agreement was reached by Israel and Hamas with mediation carried out by Qatar and France. The contents of the agreement were announced by Doha and Tel Aviv in a statement on Tuesday (16/1) local time.

In a statement quoted by the news agency Qatar News Agency (QNA), Doha announced the latest deal “between Israel and (Hamas), under which medicine and other humanitarian aid will be delivered to civilians in Gaza… in exchange for the delivery of medicine needed by Israeli hostages in Gaza “.



Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu’s office separately confirmed the deal in a statement it released.

“The medicines will be forwarded by Qatari representatives in the Gaza Strip to their final destination,” PM Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

According to the French presidential office, which was also a mediator in this deal, the drug supplies were intended for 45 hostages in the Gaza Strip.

It was also stated that initially 83 hostages were identified as needing treatment in November last year, but around 38 of them had apparently been released or killed.

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