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Dear Verny Hasan, Waiting for Denny Sumargo’s 2nd DNA test at the hospital


Denny Sumargo’s patience with Verny Hasan has run out. In his Instagram Stories, Denny Sumargo actually challenged Verny Hasan to do a second DNA test.

“I’m waiting for the time, place and hospital for both tests,” said Denny Sumargo in his Instagram Stories seen by detikcom, Tuesday (29/8/2023).

Denny Sumargo said that he deliberately brought this matter to the public. This is because the public can continue to monitor the progress of the case between him and Verny Hasan.

“Let’s do a DNA test twice, I’m waiting for the answer. Let the public oversee this matter so you can’t run left and right anymore. Now you’re smart, please tag him on IG, okay, because I can’t tag him on IG- her,” he said again.

Denny Sumargo also admitted that he was annoyed because this problem kept being brought up.

“So no 2nd DNA test?” wrote Denny Sumargo on his Instagram again by mentioning lawyer Verny Hasan.

Until now Verny Hasan has not provided an answer regarding this matter. detikcom has tried to contact Verny Hasan and his attorney but there has been no reply regarding this matter.

Previously, Verny Hasan said that he had never deleted his post regarding the DNA test aimed at Denny Sumargo. He also said he never ran away from this problem.

“I’ve never run, I just arrived in Indo one day and I’m in Jakarta. Like making things up, it’s too much. Too exaggerating the situation,” he explained in his Instagram Stories.

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