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Defense of the former Morelos prosecutor will challenge the five months of complementary investigation

MEXICO CITY (apro).- The defense of former prosecutor Uriel Carmona Gándara announced that it will challenge the decision of the Control Judge of Mexico City to extend the complementary investigation time that the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office has, considering that five months are excessive.

In an interview for Proceso, Rodrigo Ugalde, lawyer for the former prosecutor of Morelos, pointed out that there is collusion between the local prosecutor’s office and the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City (TSJCDMX) against the former prosecutor Carmona Gándara and that they do not act objectively.

“The investigation closing period was unduly extended by five months, with which we do not agree, since it is an excessive period when the only thing that the CDMX prosecutor’s office asked to collect is two pieces of evidence, therefore it is excessive. the term that she requested and that was granted by the Control judge without opposing any of her requests, ”said the lawyer.

The National Code of Criminal Procedures establishes that the Public Ministry can request a maximum period of six months for complementary investigation, so the five months that have just been granted to the capital’s prosecutor’s office exhaust the term provided for by law.

In addition, Carmona Gándara’s defense can also request an extension at the end of the complementary investigation, to continue gathering evidence in his favor as many times as necessary, since the national code does not establish a maximum term, as in the case of the Public Ministry.

Lawyer Rodrigo Ugalde explained that they previously filed an amparo against the connection to the process and the precautionary measure, with which they seek to free the former Morelos prosecutor and not remain behind bars any longer.

Ugalde indicated to this medium that for now they will depend on the resolution of the amparo to see if his client is released, but he did not rule out that they may go to international bodies to present the case of Carmona Gándara.

On August 4, the man who was then the active prosecutor of Morelos was arrested at his home in Cuernavaca, by elements of the capital’s prosecutor’s office in an operation in which elements of the State Police and the Mexican Navy participated.

The former prosecutor was arrested in relation to the femicide of Adriadna López, stating that the autopsy carried out by the Morelos prosecutor’s office concluded that the young woman died of alcohol poisoning and that there were no signs of violence, so her death would have been an accident.

While the capital’s prosecutor’s office concluded in a different autopsy, in which it concluded that the young woman had blows and that she was murdered.

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