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WorldDelfina Gómez secures support from all parliamentary groups in the Edomex Legislature

Delfina Gómez secures support from all parliamentary groups in the Edomex Legislature

TOLUCA, Edomex. (apro).- Coordinators of all parliamentary groups represented in the Legislature of the State of Mexico agreed to support the initiatives of the elected governor, Delfina Gómez, during a private meeting they held this Monday.

In this way, any possibility of the opposition asserting its majority and becoming an obstacle during the first year of the Morenista’s mandate is eliminated.

Via social networks, Gómez Álvarez said that during the meeting they spoke “about the challenges in the State of Mexico”, in the desire to, “in unity, find coincidences that allow us to work for the well-being of the people of Mexico.”

The text accompanies a group photograph, in which the coordinators, except the PRI member Elías Rescala, president of the Jucopo; and Martín Zepeda, from Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), appear smiling.

Later, the coordinator of the Morena bench, Maurilio Hernández, confirmed that Gómez Álvarez will have the support of the seven parliamentary groups represented in the Mexican Congress, in a spirit of collaboration to advance the main challenges facing the entity: security , water, employment, health and education.

He stated that this was agreed upon by the parliamentary leaders during the meeting with the governor-elect, who on the afternoon of September 14 will protest before the local deputies.

During the meeting, he explained, the teacher “ratified her electoral platform and political line, based on the principles of the 4T: fight against corruption, republican austerity and inclusion of all sectors and benefit for the population,” and expressed her desire to sensitivity and coordinated work to respond to the challenges of the state.

In response, he assured, the coordinators of the seven parliamentary groups offered their spirit of collaboration and to attend to the initiatives that the Morenista sends as part of the secondary reforms to the Organic Law of Public Administration, to facilitate the fulfillment of his campaign promises. , review and address the 2014 fiscal package. In conclusion, he emphasized, they agreed to work permanently with the Executive Branch.

The meeting was even publicized by his former adversaries, Enrique Vargas of the National Action Party (PAN) and Omar Ortega, of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

“It was a pleasure to meet this afternoon with the Governor-elect Delfina Gómez Álvarez as the Political Coordination Board of the #CongresoEdomex,” wrote Vargas del Villar, accompanying the graphic in which he appears next to the Morenista.

“Today the members of JUCOPO met with the governor elected by the Mexicans. Our strengths are in coincidences. In the PRD State of Mexico we will always add to the benefit of #Edomex. If the government does well, it does well for all of us,” shared, for his part, Ortega Álvarez, who poses between the coordinators of Morena, Maurilio Hernández, and of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Elías Rescala.

Also present at the meeting were María Luisa Mendoza, coordinator of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM); the non-party deputy Rigoberto Vargas Cervantes and Sergio García Sosa, coordinator of the Labor Party (PT).

The current Legislature concludes its functions in September 2024; The new parliamentary configuration will emerge from next year’s elections, and in three more years it will also be renewed, so Delfina Gómez will have to generate agreements a couple more times.

Currently, the Morena-PT-PVEM bloc and deputies without a party have 36 of 75 votes; He is missing three votes for a simple majority.

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