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WorldDelta Air Lines Plane Severe Turbulence, 11 People Taken to Hospital!

Delta Air Lines Plane Severe Turbulence, 11 People Taken to Hospital!


A passenger plane belonging to the United States (US) airline, Delta Air Lines, experienced severe turbulence while flying from Milan in Italy to Atlanta in the US. At least 11 passengers and crew on the plane had to be rushed to the hospital (RS) after the plane managed to land safely.

As reported AFPWednesday (30/8/2023), an incident of severe turbulence was experienced by a Delta Air Lines airline with flight number 175 on Tuesday (29/8) local time.

“Delta Care Team members are mobilizing to connect with customers on Delta flight 175 which experienced severe turbulence prior to landing safely in Atlanta on Tuesday (29/8) local time.” said a spokesman for the airline Delta Air Lines in a statement.

“Our priority is caring for our injured customers and crew,” the statement added.

It is not clear how many people were injured apart from the 11 people who were rushed to the hospital. It was also not stated how the condition of the injuries suffered by the victims who were being treated at the local hospital.

It only stated that the plane which experienced severe turbulence was carrying a total of 151 passengers and 14 crew members. The type of the aircraft is also unknown.

Major Hurricane Idalia is currently sweeping off the coast of the US Gulf with strong winds and is expected to hit the Florida area on Wednesday (30/8) morning local time. Another storm, named Hurricane Franklin, was detected starting to form in the Atlantic waters.

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