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WorldDemonstrations in Bamako and inside Mali on the Maliennes Armed Forces

Demonstrations in Bamako and inside Mali on the Maliennes Armed Forces

AA / Bamako / Amarana Maiga

Millions of people are manifesting themselves in Bamako, malignant capital, regions and circles to support their military operations against terrorism, appealing to several civil society organizations. RFP, the Movement “Yérèwolo Debut sur les Remparts” and the Collective for the Defense of the Militia.

“Our public armies do not engage in the pursuit of palpable results which are deliberately fitted at the point of procedure to the man-made alloys. From the degenerative camps of denigration, intoxication, disinformation, the sovereign wing of Mali is more than just Jamaicans armed with their weapon, which is intended to terrorize the terrorists since 2012, regenerating more than those in its territory », indi» Mohamed Dembelé portfolio of the Collective for the Defense of the Militia (CDM) in a declaration addressed to the participants.

It is not necessary to “fire a weapon which passes from a defensive weapon to an offensive weapon which goes into the chamber of the weapon, the great video following the study of political homework on the security plan is augmented by of the able-bodied, engaged and responsible young people leaving the acquis to the cause of Mali ».

“Notable changes intervening in the rectification of Mali’s pan-African transition are among the actions that merit the part of Mali’s most high-profile authorities, a recognition and compliment to the hater of past acts and results obtained” very source adding that “this is our armed forces of defense and security that Operation Espoir E (Ensemble) Tous FAMa has been launched in the image of operations Maliko, Keletigui, Sanguikura etc”.

The CDM key port on the outside, which “is in the magnifying glass this complication, this intimacy between the roof and its armor that the living forces of the notary pays on it, this day, the meeting place Bamako history in regional capitals, circles and exterior »

In the wake of this demonstration, activist Sékou Tounkara, a member of the Yérèwolo Movement (Hommes dignes), debuted on Remparts, chanting “he does not want to start an anti-French initiative, but to start a counter-French policy in demand. the pure and simple retreat of the French forces in Mali ».

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