Thursday, 21 September 2023
SportsDespite financial uncertainty, US bets on Ukraine's war economy

Despite financial uncertainty, US bets on Ukraine’s war economy

MEXICO CITY (apro).-Despite the shadow of economic bankruptcy that darkens the immediate future of the United States, throughout its history, its government continues to bet on Ukraine in the war against Russia and sent 250 million dollars of weapons which includes a large amount of ammunition to face the Russian invasion.

“This package will help Ukrainian forces on the battlefield and support their air defenses, as Russia continues to launch brutal attacks against the people of Ukraine,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, according to the Associated Press (AP ).

He explained that the shipment includes AIM-9M air defense missiles, mine detection systems and Javelin missiles, symbols of the Ukrainian resistance since the beginning of the war because they destroy Russian armored vehicles used at the beginning of the armed fight.

In addition, it will send ammunition for different types of weapons, such as the HIMARS rocket system, 155- and 105-kilometer artillery ammunition, and 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition.

In recent days it was reported that the United States ran out of weapons to supply Ukraine, but later pointed out that the Pentagon overvalued the price of the equipment shipped, which is why it allocated another $6.2 billion in funds for the war.

Since the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the United States has allocated $63 million to Ukraine and $43 billion in military assistance, while its president, Joe Biden, and that country’s Congress try to reach agreements to overcome the crisis.

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