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Devotees will be able to worship in the first Hindu temple of Abu Dhabi from March 1, which was inaugurated by PM Modi on February 14.

Abu Dhabi. The first Hindu temple built in Abu Dhabi will be opened for devotees from March 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently inaugurated this temple. The temple administration gave this information. A temple spokesperson said, the temple will be open to the general public from March 1 from 9 am to 8 pm. The temple will be closed for visitors every Monday.

The temple built by Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) has been built at a cost of about Rs 700 crore in an area of ​​27 acres near Al Rahba on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Highway. Swami Brahmaviharidas, head of international relations for BAPS, said, here architectural methods have been combined with scientific techniques. More than 300 high-tech sensors have been installed at every level of the temple to measure temperature, pressure and motion (seismic activity). The sensors will provide live data for research.

No metal has been used in the construction of the temple and 55 per cent of cement has been replaced with ash in the concrete mix to fill the foundation. Madhusudan Patel, construction manager of the temple, had said, we have used temperature resistant micro tiles and heavy glass panels while combining traditional aesthetic stone structures and modern day craftsmanship. Considering the extreme temperatures in the UAE, these tiles will be convenient for visitors to walk on.

Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple is built in Nagar style. Similarly, Ram temple has been constructed in Ayodhya. According to Umesh Raja, a volunteer at the temple, more than 20 thousand tonnes of limestone pieces were carved in Rajasthan and brought to Abu Dhabi in 700 containers. There are three more Hindu temples in the UAE which are in Dubai. Spread over a large area with amazing architecture and carvings, BAPS Temple is the largest temple in the Gulf region.

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