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TechDewa United Esports is a bit adamant about FFWS ID 2024 Spring,...

Dewa United Esports is a bit adamant about FFWS ID 2024 Spring, the reason is…


Dewa United Esports quite persistent when competing in the knockout stage in the first week FFWS ID 2024 Spring. What do they actually want to prove?

Garena previously announced that Dewa United Esports is one of the teams that will appear at FFWS SEA 2024 Spring. They qualified through the invitation route, along with RRQ Kazu and Evos Divine.

Even though God lost in FFWS ID 2024 Spring, they can still fight to represent Indonesia at the Southeast Asian level. This also applies to RRQ Kazu and Evos Divine.



Here, Fikri Aulia alias KidSR, Coach of Dewa United Esports also explains the reasons. He said that this was only done as proof that they really deserved the invitation.

“It’s more about proving ourselves at least. Like whether we are worthy or not. Just for ourselves internally, not for the public,” said KidSR to detikINETFriday (16/2).

Apart from Dewa United Esports, Evos Divine, and RRQ Kazu, there were also other teams invited from several countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. The teams in question are Wag, P Esports, Team Flash, Cooo, Buriram United Esports, Exp Esports, HomeBois, and Exp Esports.

All the teams above will compete from March 22 to May 26 2024. They are fighting for the title of the best Free Fire team in Southeast Asia, and a total cash prize of USD 300 thousand or around IDR 4.6 billion.

Meanwhile, Dewa United Esports currently occupies fourth place in the knockout stage standings FFWS ID 2024 Spring. They are under RRQ Kazu, Indostars and Bigetron Delta.

However, Coach KidSR’s children were still able to catch up in the second and third weeks. At least the points they collected were enough to take the team through to the final phase.

Watch Video “Esports Team’s Ambition Ignites Ahead of FFWS Indonesia 2024
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