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Did you know that you can withdraw money from an ATM without a card? It is very simple

You don’t have your bank card with you? You can still withdraw money from the ATM. Remember this tip!

In a world where everything can be done from a mobile phone, it is not surprising to see that the banking world is also modernizing. A few years ago, the idea of ​​withdrawing money without a bank card might have seemed unimaginable. However, today it is becoming a reality thanks to mobile banking applications. No more digging through your bag or going home because you forgot your card, your phone can now do the job!

In fact, several banks have integrated an option into their applications allowing their customers to make cash withdrawals without using their bank card. How does it work? It’s actually quite simple.

Let’s take the example of the Banque Populaire. The latter offers a service called “SMART’Retrait”. To begin, it is imperative to activate this service, which is done by contacting your bank advisor. Once the service is activated, simply go to the “Payment Methods” section of your mobile application. Here you can select the account you want to debit, specify the amount you want to withdraw and choose the withdrawal date. The system then generates a unique number that you must provide when you go to the ATM.

The Crédit Mutuel group also offers a similar option, whether you are a CIC or Crédit MUtuel customer. The process is slightly different: to start, you must contact your advisor so that he can activate the “e-withdrawal” service. After this step, a code will be sent to you by SMS. This code will be your key to making your withdrawal without a card. Once this first step has been completed, the service becomes accessible at any time from your customer area or from the mobile application. In addition, you should know that the bank offers the possibility for the children of the account holder, or even a relative, to use this service.

However, before you rush in, there are a few details to keep in mind. In fact, the majority of agencies only offer the possibility of cardless withdrawal at their own ATMs. It is therefore strongly recommended to inquire directly with your bank branch to avoid any disappointment.

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