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DIRECT. Cape Verde – Egypt: held in check after a crazy end to the match, the Pharaohs qualified for the eighth!

This Monday evening, Egypt won their ticket to the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations. The Pharaohs were held in check by Cape Verde (2-2) after two goals in the final minutes. The Egyptians finished second behind the Blue Sharks while Ghana was third.

11:40 p.m. – End of live!

Thank you all for following Cape Verde – Egypt. See you tomorrow on L’ for the rest of the African Cup of Nations.

23:35 – The match summary

Egypt did not come far from elimination! After two draws in two matches, the Pharaohs presented themselves this evening against one of the great surprises of the African Cup of Nations, undefeated Cape Verde. The start of the match is to the advantage of the Egyptians who get the best chances thanks to Marmoush and Mostefa Mohamed but Vozinha keeps his cage. Against the court of play, the Blue Sharks opened the scoring thanks to Ryan Mendes and Benchimol. The former Lille player serves his attacker in the area who controls with his right foot before hitting with a left pivot. El-Shenawy can do nothing and concedes the Cape Verdean opener. Returning from the locker room, Rui Vitoria makes changes and brings in Trezeguet. Winning coaching for the coach after the winger’s equalizer in the 50th minute of play. The Pharaohs pushed until the end of the match to win. In added time, Mostefa Mohamed freed Egypt with a sublime lob after a cross from Trezeguet but that was without counting on Bryan Teixeira. The Blue Sharks striker scored the goal of the draw. Cape Verde remains undefeated and Egypt qualifies for the rest of the competition and eliminates Ghana at the same time.

23:30 – Morocco qualified this evening

Thanks to Ghana’s draw this evening against Mozambique, Morocco is qualified for the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations. Indeed, the Moroccans would be the best nation ranked third in the event of a setback against Zambia.

23:25 – The tribute to Salah

After his goal at the end of the match this evening, Mostefa Mohamed held up Mohamed Salah’s jersey. A tribute to his captain, who suffered a groin injury and was out of action for almost a month.

23:20 – Mostefa Mohamed succeeds Hossam Hassan

Scorer tonight against Cape Verde, Mostefa Mohamed became the first Egyptian player to score in Egypt’s first three matches at an edition of the Africa Cup of Nations since Hossam Hassan in 2000.

23:15 – Egypt, a first since 1990

In this edition of the CAN, Egypt did not win any of its first three matches. A first for the Pharaohs since 1990.

23:10 – Egypt qualified, Cape Verde undefeated

The Group B matches of the African Cup of Nations have all been played. This evening, Egypt qualified for the round of 16 of the CAN despite a third draw in this group stage. Cape Verde remains undefeated and finishes first ahead of the Pharaohs. Ghana is eliminated after its draw against Mozambique.

23:05 – Cape Verde and Egypt back-to-back, the Pharaohs qualified!

End of the match between Cape Verde and Egypt where the two nations part in a draw (2-2) after a crazy end to the match. Despite this third draw, the Pharaohs qualify for the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations after the draw between Ghana and Mozambique (2-2).

23:03 – Gabaski comes into play

Hit in the left arm on the second Cape Verdean goal, El-Shenawy was forced to give way to Gabaski for the last minutes of the match.

23:00 – Teixeira equalizes!

The Cape Verdeans remain undefeated! After a cross pushed back by El-Shenawy coming from the right, Bryan Teixeira recovered the ball, dribbled past the Egyptian goalkeeper and pushed into the empty goal.

22:58 – Egypt virtually qualified

With this second goal, Egypt returns to second place in their group. The Pharaohs are qualified for the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations for the moment. In the other match, Mozambique equalized against Ghana (2-2).

22:57 – The goal is validated!

After the viewing, the referee awards Egypt’s second goal.

22:56 – The goal viewed on VAR!

The game is interrupted for a few moments! The Chadian referee of the match is called to check Mostefa Mohamed’s control of the goal.

22:54 – Mostefa Mohamed liberates Egypt!

Attia finds Trezeguet on the left at the halfway line. The winger sends a cross to the edge of the Cape Verdean area for Mostefa Mohamed. The attacker controls his chest before lobbing Vozinha with his right foot. 2-1 for Egypt.

22:52 – Mostefa Mohamed blames himself

On the corner, the ball is messed up and two Egyptians get in the way of hitting. The ball is finally captured by Vozinha.

22:52 – New corner

The corner is laboriously pushed back by the Cape Verdean defense. The Pharaohs get another corner kick.

22:51 – Corner for Egypt

Cross from the left from Ashour for Trezeguet. The winger provokes Logan Costa who concedes the corner.

22:50 – Attia apologizes

In the center of the field, Attia sends his pass directly into touch. The midfielder apologizes after this technical fault.

22:49 – Hegazy warned

After Marmoush, Hegazy is the second Egyptian to receive a yellow card after preventing Teixeira from continuing his race when he had passed.

22:48 – Vozinha repels Ashour’s missile

At twenty-five meters, Ashour is not attacked. The midfielder shoots with his left foot but it is deflected with his left fist by Vozinha for a corner. The corner does nothing.

22:46 – Teixeira stumbles on El-Shenawy

On a corner coming from the left, Logan Costa put it back for Teixeira. The midfielder regains the lead but it is stopped by El-Shenawy.

22:45 – Mostefa Mohamed misses the 2-1!

On a sublime pass from Ashour to the outside of the right foot in the depth, Trezeguet crosses outstretched in front of Vozinha’s cage. With his left foot, the attacker takes it again but it goes over the Cape Verdean cages.

22:43 – Marmoush gives up his place

In the 83rd minute of play, Marmoush was replaced by Mostafa Fathi.

22:42 – Semedo Festival

After a series of hooks in the Egyptian area, Semedo tried his luck but it was deflected for a corner.

22:41 – Vozinha wins

On the right side, Ashour feints the center before sending a stinging ball. Vozinha comes out from six meters and will relieve his defense.


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