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SportsDIRECT. Doumbé vs Baki: Doumbé loses because of a splinter in...

DIRECT. Doumbé vs Baki: Doumbé loses because of a splinter in the foot, the contentious decision on video!

The long-awaited fight will not have kept all its promises! After two balanced rounds where Doumbé and Baki did not find the fault, the referee stopped the match for a splinter in the left foot of Cédric Doumbé. Baki wins a contentious decision, contested by his opponent.

11:35 p.m. – End of live!

Thank you everyone for following the fight between Cédric Doumbé and Baki. Good evening !

23:30 – The results of PFL Paris 2

Here are the results of PFL Paris 2:

  • Kevin Del defeats Younes Najid by submission in the first round
  • Florim Zendeli defeats Tomasz Langowski by submission in the first round
  • Daniele Scatizzi defeats Aleksandr Chizov by first round submission
  • Connor Hughes defeats Anatolij Baal by first-round TKO
  • Patrick Habirora defeats Claudio Pacella by unanimous decision
  • Islem Masraf defeats Mickael Groguhe by first-round knockout
  • Daniele Miceli defeats Yassin Najid by submission in the first round
  • Jakub Kaszuba defeats Kane Mousah by unanimous decision
  • Ignacio Capella defeats Yazid Chouchane by knockout in the second round
  • Ibrahim Mané defeats Chequina Noso Pedro by split decision
  • Abdoul Abdouraguimov defeats Jack Grant by split decision
  • Bayssangour Chamsoudinov beats Cédric Doumbé by arbitration decision

23:25 – Baki defies the odds

Despite this contentious decision, Baki won this evening against Cédric Doumbé. Outsider of the fight, the wrestling specialist created the feat. Both players have planned a rematch soon in a “much bigger” venue.

23:20 – Doumbé: “It’s just sport”

Cédric Doumbé spoke for the second time: “We are brothers. The biggest thing is coming in a few days (in reference to Ramadan). Thanks to everyone, it’s just sport. Great strength to the Muslims”

23:17 – Baki: “I’m for a new fight”

“First of all, I would like to thank the entire room for this exceptional fight. I would also like to congratulate Cédric who is a kickboxing legend. This is not the way I wanted to win. sometimes has unforeseen events on the battlefield. (On a new fight) I accepted this fight because it was an exceptional opportunity. Of course I am for a new fight. I know that the PFL has the means, why not make it bigger.”

23:13 – Doumbé: “It’s the referee’s fault”

After his defeat, Cédric Doumbé gives his hot reaction: “Thank you everyone for being there. Frankly, I put myself in your place, I’m disgusted. I didn’t want to see a fight like that. Congratulations to Baki who came to fight. We were fighting and I felt something in my left foot. I told the referee and then I told Baki who told me to take it out . I don’t understand this decision by the referee. (On a new fight) Of course I want to do the fight again, finally do it because we didn’t do it.”

23:09 – The last seconds on video

Relive the final seconds of the fight on video:

23:04 – The referee stops the match, Baki wins!

A few seconds after the warning, the referee stops the fight. He judged that Cédric Doumbé is no longer able to fight. The striker has a splinter in his left foot.

23:03 – The fight continues

The referee warns Cédric Doumbé who has a cut on one foot.

23:02 – Baki no longer passes

Everything is at stake in this third round! Baki tries a takedown but Doumbé saw everything.

23:01 – One round left!

End of the second round with some nice dodges from Baki to finish while Doumbé took the lead in the initiatives.

22:59 – Doumbé feints

There are less than thirty seconds left but Cédric Doumbé hits Baki with a superb left.

22:58 – Baki’s dodge

Cédric Doumbé sent a left hook to change the fight and knock out Baki. But he dodged well before grabbing Doumbé and sending him against the fence on the opposite side.

22:56 – Doumbé puts pressure on

Baki just slipped. It was enough for the audience at the Accor Aren to raise their voices.

22:55 – Time for the second round

Doumbé takes the center of the cage to stay at a distance and send long shots which he has the secret to.

22:54 – Doumbé fair play

At the bell, Cédric Doumbé sends a right to Baki before finally apologizing to his opponent. End of the first round!

22:53 – Doumbé can’t do it!

Baki is omnipresent. Doumbé tries once again to get back on his legs but Bayssangour Chamsoudinov takes a third consecutive takedown.

22:52 – Baki doesn’t let go of Doumbé!

While Cédric Doumbé tries to get up, Baki does not let go of the striker.

22:51 – Baki pushes to the ground

There are less than three minutes left in this first round. Baki has just thrown Cédric Doumbé to the ground once again.

22:50 – What a defense from Doumbé!

While he was taken to the ground by Baki, Cédric Doumbé got up with disconcerting ease against a wrestling specialist.

22:50 – Dumb on the ground

First offensive from Cédric Doumbé who is countered and pushed to the ground by Baki.

22:49 – Here we go!

Let’s go for the first round between Doumbé and Baki!

22:48 – Time for introductions!

Speaker Andy Shepherd introduces Baki then Cédric Doumbé. The trashtalk continues with the Doumbé Ambulance mouthguard.

22:45 – Doumbé in the octagon

The start of the fight is imminent. Cédric Doumbé has just entered the cage.

22:44 – “Baki, you’re dead”

After Baki, it’s Cédric Doumbé’s turn to enter the octagon. The striker enters with “Baki, you’re dead” as he announced. The public at the Accor Arena is committed to his cause.


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