Thursday, 22 February 2024
SportsDIRECT. Gambia - Cameroon: the Indomitable Lions in difficulty... follow the...

DIRECT. Gambia – Cameroon: the Indomitable Lions in difficulty… follow the match

18:30 – Gambia lacks precision (30th)

For the moment, the Barrow gang has no trouble approaching the opponent’s penalty area. But the movements are hasty in the last third of the field.

18:29 – Ntcham lacked precision (28th)

The ex-OM midfielder attempted a curled cross. It was too deep. This is a referral for Gambia.

18:28 – Manneh makes a big mistake (26th)

In the air, the Gambia midfielder unbalanced N’Koudou. The free kick is 30 meters from the goal guarded by Gaye.

18:26 – Jallow takes his chance (24th)

On a delivery from the chest of Barrow, the right eccentric attempts a volley at the entrance to the penalty area. The ball is crushed too much.

18:25 – An update on the classification of group C of this CAN 2023

For the moment, the ranking is unchanged. Guinea and Senegal neutralize each other (0-0). Cameroon and Gambia are currently eliminated.

18:23 – Sowe was very close to opening the score in this Cameroon – Gambia (24th)

Launched in depth, Mendy escaped the Cameroonian defense. In an intelligent way, he looked for the center behind. Unfortunately, Sowe had dived at the near post. It was too short.

18:22 – Cameroon dominates Gambia (23rd)

The Indomitable Lions have 61% possession. Gambia wants to attack on the counterattack, but Ondoa is very reassuring.

18:21 – Colley remains on the ground in this Gambia – Cameroon (21st)

The Gambia captain limps. He was hit in the right knee. The shock was rough on this tackle.

18:08 – Magri shakes up Gambia’s defense (15th)

The attacker clinched, and he armed a strike from distance. The ball goes over the Gambia goal.

18:07 – Nkoudou gets a good free kick (11th)

It is on the corner of the Gambia penalty area. Unfortunately for Cameroon, it hits the wall. The ball goes for a corner.

18:06 – Ondoa saves Cameroon (6th)

In quick transition, Sowe is found on the corner of the penalty area. The Cameroon goalkeeper was well out.

18:04 – Magri creates the first situation of this Gambia – Cameroon (3rd)

Served five meters from the goal, the Cameroon striker placed the ball on Gaye. It was a big situation.

18:01 – Let’s go for this Gambia – Cameroon! (1st)

The Indomitable Lions must win to see the next round of this CAN 2023.

17:56 – The Cameroonians put their foot on the ball (3rd)

The Anguissa gang plays with the white jersey.

17:55 – The anthems ring out in Bouaké for this Gambia – Cameroon!

We start with the Gambian anthem. All the players have their hands on their hearts.

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