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SportsDIRECT. Giro 2024: festival of the French! Paret-Peintre wins solo...

DIRECT. Giro 2024: festival of the French! Paret-Peintre wins solo ahead of Bardet, the ranking

The 10th stage of the Tour of Italy which took place at the top of the Bocca Della Selva this Tuesday May 14 was won by the Frenchman Valentin Paret-Peintre.

17:15 – Paret-Peintre’s victory in video

The 23-year-old Frenchman signs the greatest success of his career at the top of Bocca della Selva. Relive his success on video.

17:12 – The perfect day of decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale

The French team scored its fifteenth success of the season and had a magnificent day with the victory of Valentin Paret-Peintre and the top performance of his brother Aurélien. Ben O’Connor also did a good job by regaining a few seconds in the finale.

17:09 – Romain Bardet enters the top 10

Thanks to his second place, Romain Bardet makes a nice comeback in the general classification and takes around 2 minutes 45 from Tadej Pogacar. He enters the top 10 and puts himself back in the race for the podium.

17:06 – Ben O’Connor attack

After a lot of work from Alex Baudin, O’Connor attacks in the final to take a few seconds from Tiberi and Uijdebroeks

17:04 – Romain Bardet takes second place

The Frenchman was beaten by a stronger man at the top of the Bocca della Selva, but he finished ahead of Jan Tratnik and should regain a lot of time in the general classification and put himself back in the top 10


It’s a solo French victory on this 10th stage of the Giro at the top of Bocca della Selva. At 23, he won strongly ahead of Romain Bardet and took his first grand tour victory.

17:01 – Tiberi attack behind

In the peloton, Tiberi tries his luck but everyone is marking in the pink jersey group.

16:59 – A French duel for victory

Paret-Peintre maintains a few steps ahead of Romain Bardet, less than two kilometers away

16:57 – Paret-Peintre drops off Tratnik

Valentin Paret-Peintre drops Jan Tratnik and finds himself alone in the lead! It looks good for the French victory, since Bardet also took over the Slovenian

16:55 – Attack on Paret-Peintre

Valentin Paret-Peintre attacks Romain Bardet and almost took over Jan Tratnik! He is less than 10 seconds behind the Slovenian

16:55 – Four kilometers to Tratnik

Tratnik could do it, because Romain Bardet and Paret-Peintre are coming back but there are still 30 seconds left

16:50 – Only 5 kilometers left for Tratnik

Jan Tratnik continues his good effort and maintains a 40-second lead over the Bardet Paret-Peintre duo.

16:43 – Tratnik stabilizes the gap

While Bardet and Paret-Peintre had gained almost thirty seconds, Jan Tratnik took advantage of a flat portion to stabilize the gap around 40 seconds.

16:37 – Rain awaits the runners

While the race is still under the sun, it rains at the top of Bocca della Selva, and a big black cloud appears on the horizon

16:32 – Paret-Peintre attack

The Frenchman attacks and Bardet immediately jumps on his wheels. Bagioli cannot follow and Romain Bardet takes over from his former teammate.

16:29 – The Bardet group loses an element

Marco Frigo is stuck in the counter group, there are only three left including Romain Bardet and Aurélien Paret-Peintre. Tratnik is 1 minute 13 ahead of this group.

16:24 – Great work from Tratnik

While things are looking a little in the Bardet group, Tratnik continues his good effort and increases his lead to 50 seconds.

16:19 – Tratnik maintains a lead of around thirty seconds

The Romain Bardet-Aurélien Paret-Peintre group is still around 35 seconds behind Jan Tratnik, even though the road is wet.

16:12 – Bahrain is riding in the peloton

While the gap had grown with the breakaway to more than six minutes, the Bahraini decided to ride to protect Tiberi’s fifth place. Romain Bardet could indeed replace himself in the event of a good ascent of Bocca della Selva

16:04 – Less than 30 kilometers

There are less than thirty kilometers remaining in this 10th stage of the Giro. Tratnik gained almost thirty seconds on the Romain Bardet group. The escape traps are more than a minute and ten minutes away.

16:00 – The composition of the counter group

Behind Tratnik, the counter group is made up of Frigo, Bagioli, Bardet and Valentin Paret-Peintre

15:56 – The breakaway explodes in all directions

Tratnik plays the counter behind the Intergiro sprint and digs a little on the descent. There are five of them, including Romain Bardet, who followed closely and started chasing. Everyone else seems trapped.

15:52 – Fiorelli leads the Intergiro

Fiorelli takes the lead at the Intergiro, while behind everyone took advantage of the passage to accelerate, the group explodes.

15:48 – Alaphilippe is left behind

Hidden at the back of the group since the start of the breakaway, Alaphilippe did not survive the acceleration of the leading group. Foss is also dropped while De Marchi hangs on in last position in the group.

15:44 – The leading group accelerates

We no longer hear each other in the leading group, and everyone accelerates in turn, while Alaphilippe seems to be in difficulty.


The Giro d’Italia will follow the spring season and start on May 4. Arrival is scheduled three weeks later, on May 26.

The start of the Giro 2024 took place in Venaria Reale in the suburbs of Turin, near the Juventus Stadium. The arrival will be in Rome. Here is the list of steps:

Here are the results of the last 15 years of the Tour of Italy, called Giro d’Italia.

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