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SportsDIRECT. Poirier vs Saint-Denis: in the second round, the American destroys...

DIRECT. Poirier vs Saint-Denis: in the second round, the American destroys BSD, the KO in pictures!

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Benoît Saint-Denis lost to the American Dustin Poirier during the co-main event of UFC 299! While he had dominated the first round, the Frenchman was countered in the second round with a left uppercut before collapsing on a right hook from the UFC legend!

08:36 – Poirier finishes Saint-Denis by knockout in the second round

In the co-main event of UFC 299, Frenchman Benoit Saint-Denis faced the legendary Dustin Poirier, on the night of Saturday March 9 to Sunday March 10. The former member of the French special forces, 12th in the lightweight category, was expected to win against the world number 3. It was ultimately the American, The Diamond, who won by knockout in the second round.

07:30 – End of live!

Thank you everyone for following UFC 299 and Benoît Saint-Denis’ defeat against American Dustin Poirier! Good day.

07:28 – McGregor’s tribute to BSD

After the KO inflicted by Poirier on Benoît Saint-Denis, Conor McGregor paid tribute to the Frenchman’s performance on X.

07:25 – O’Malley retains his belt!

Tonight, Sean O’Malley put his bantamweight title on the line but he retained his belt against Marlon Vera.

07:22 – It’s over!

The match will have come to an end. Very hit in the face, Marlon Vera should bow to Sean O’Malley.

07:19 – Vera embarrassed

Hit by O’Malley, the Ecuadorian’s left eye is closed. He blinks but he continues to take the hits.

07:18 – Vera cornered

In this last round, Sean O’Malley wants to finish Marlon Vera and does not let him breathe.

07:16 – Last round to come

There is improvement on Vera’s side but Sean O’Malley seems to be heading towards a victory despite losing the fourth round.

07:12 – Vera touches

Knee strike from Marlon Vera which hits Sean O’Malley. The Ecuadorian has not said his last word after losing the first three rounds.

07:09 – The two men are looking for each other

With five seconds remaining, Marlon Vera slipped and Sean O’Malley threw himself at the Ecuadorian. At the bell, the American goes to the wrong corner and the two men stare at each other.

07:09 – O’Malley hits again

Sean O’Malley fakes the right hook to send the left and it hits Marlon Vera’s face again.

07:05 – O’Malley varies the shots

Feint with the front arm to send the rear arm away. Sean O’Malley recites his array of moves at the Kaseya Center in Miami.

07:04 – Vera bleeding

End of the second round and Marlon Vera is open under the eye. The Ecuadorian is unable to develop his game plan against the confident Sean O’Malley.

07:03 – O’Malley accelerates

Vera is stunned. As he developed his game since the start of the fight, the American sent a knee strike to the Ecuadorian’s face.

07:00 – O’Malley touches

In the second round, Sean O’Malley delivers a high-kick and finds Marlon Vera’s face.

06:58 – First round for the champion

The first round is for Sean O’Malley after a few blows from the American. Marlon Vera didn’t try very hard.

06:54 – Observation round for Vera

O’Malley suffered a few blows from Sean O’Malley in this first round where the two men observed.

06:52 – Here we go

The main event begins between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera!

06:50 – Time for the main event!

We will have to digest this defeat of BSD! Time for the last fight of UFC 299 with a rematch between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera.

06:45 – Missed appointment for BSD!

Defeated this evening by Dustin Poirier, Benoît Saint-Denis had the opportunity to strike a big blow in the UFC against the legend of the league, Dustin Poirier. But the Frenchman missed this opportunity to get closer to the title shot against Islam Makhachev.

06:40 – Daniel Woirin had warned him

Coach of Benoît Saint-Denis, Daniel Woirin had warned his protégé after the first round. “Don’t go to war,” he warned. In the second round, BSD got closer to Dustin Poirier and his favorite distance.

06:35 – The KO in pictures

Relive Dustin Poirier’s counter and the American’s left uppercut in images:

06:33 – Poirier: “Much respect for BSD!”

Dustin Poirier after his victory: “He is dangerous. When I saw his attitude, his hunger, I had to give him a chance like Eddie Alvarez gave me. I have a lot of respect for Benoît Saint- Denis, for France, their military corps but also for our American soldiers.”

06:28 – Poirier knocks out Saint-Denis!

At mid-distance, Dustin Poirier counters BSD with a left uppercut. Stunned, the Frenchman tries to get up but he collapses after another right hook from the American. Mike Beltran stops the fight.

06:26 – BSD sends

Saint-Denis begins to hit Poirier with his shots.


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