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SportsDIRECT. Shakhtar – OM: Aubameyang finds the fault, follow the match

DIRECT. Shakhtar – OM: Aubameyang finds the fault, follow the match

Struggling in Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille enters the Europa League play-offs against Shakhtar Dontesk without reference and the need to get back on track. Follow the meeting live on

20:23 – Zubkov gets a yellow

Taken by Ounahi’s race, Zubkov throws himself and hooks the Moroccan to stop the Marseille action. The Ukrainian is warned.

20:21 – Nazaryna above

At 25 m in the right axis, the new arrival Nazaryna curls from the right but his attempt goes well above Pau Lopez’s goal.

20:19 – Moumbagna goes to the ground too quickly

After a high recovery from Kondogbia, Aubameyang gives space to Moumbagna who crosses his path. The Cameroonian tries to bypass Riznyk’s exit and plays contact by going to the ground. The referee considers that he has added more and does not whistle.

20:16 – Change for OM

In the 71st minute, Gattuso made his first substitution with the exit of Luis Henrique and the entry of Ndiaye.

20:15 – Missed deflection from Luis Henrique

On the left side, Moumbagna pulls away and gives a good cross into the area where Luis Henrique passes in front of Azarov but his deviation is not pronounced enough to be on target.

20:13 – Matviienko equalizes for Shakhtar (1-1)

Just three minutes after Aubameyang’s goal, Maviienko brought his side back up to par. The Ukrainian free kick kicked from 30 meters was returned with the fists by Pau Lopez to Konoplya who headed it back into the area. At the penalty point, Clauss breaks through and allows the Shakhtar defender to equalize with a low cross-field shot.

20:09 – Goal from Aubameyang who launches OM (0-1)

At the 64th minute, OM found the fault. On the right side, Luis Henrique steals the ball from Azarov’s feet. Clauss makes the effort and suggests a ride to the corridor where he is served. The French international takes the information and sends a precisely cut cross which escapes Konoplya and is victoriously taken from the inside of the right by Aubameyang.

20:07 – Bondarenko wins a corner

After a good triangle play in front of the area, Zubkov does not take advantage of the gap and waits for Bondarenko to pass behind his back to give him a small pass. The Ukrainian rushes in and sees his shot blocked for a corner.

20:05 – No chance for Moumbagna

While he has just recovered the ball in front of his area, Balerdi gets rid of the ball by sending it far in front to Moumbagna. Caught in a pincer position, the Cameroonian is beaten in the air by Matvilenko.

20:04 – Pau Lopez on the ground

On the right at the entrance to the area, Sikan strikes off balance. A low shot which presents no danger but which Pau Lopez pushes away with the glove without trying to catch it. Fortunately for him, no Ukrainians are hanging around.

20:03 – Luis Henrique misses the target

On the left side, Harit fixes his defender and plays in the race for Merlin who has doubled. The former Nantes player pokes his cross at the far post where Luis Henrique springs but crosses his head too far. The goal was nevertheless open.

20:01 – Person behind

After a relay with a partner, Sikan overflows to the right and at the end of the race slips a cross back under the foot of Balerdi. Fortunately for OM, the three Ukrainians in the area let themselves be sucked in by the goal and no one waited behind. Luis Henrique can give his people some breathing space.

19:59 – Zubkov unscrews

Zubkov bypasses the Marseille defense on the left and opens up an attacking angle against Gigot. His left shot escapes him and stays off target.

19:58 – Pau Lopez intervenes

On the left side, Eguinaldo asks for the ball behind Clauss’s back and forces the latter to concede a corner. This one is played short and Zubkov follows up with a strong cross in front of the goal. Pau Lopez lunges and deflects with a left hand.

19:57 – Gigot asks Riznyk

In front of the 6 meters, Gigot breaks away from his opponent and places a firm header but sends the ball to Riznyk. First shot on target for OM in this first leg.

19:56 – Ounahi next door

Not attacked by the opposing defense, Ounahi carries the ball and hits from 20 meters from the right. His ball has no effect and passes to the right of Riznyk’s goal.

19:53 – Yellow card for Konoplya

On the left side, Merlin presses his pass low to the ground for Moumbagna. On his oriented control, the Cameroonian overtakes Konoplya but is mowed down; The Ukrainian full-back is logically warned in the 49th minute.

19:52 – Clauss on the cover

On the right side, Clauss gets a good tackle to prevent the ball from reaching Eguinaldo behind his back.

7:50 p.m. – Resumption in Hamburg

Moumbagna starts the second half for OM. As we recall, the two teams did not score any goals during the first act.

19:35 – OM harmless at the break (0-0)

At the end of the first act, Olympique de Marseille did well and returned to the locker room with a score of parity (0-0). Slow to get into the match, the Marseillais generally suffered and could have been behind if the referee had not hastily called a foul on Zubkov while Eguinaldo opened the scoring by taking advantage of a bad understanding between Pau Lopez and Clauss . In difficulty in the construction of the game, the Marseillais did not manage to worry Riznyk, failing to target any attempt.

19:34 – Balerdi holds off Sikan

Sikan tries to overflow to the right of the area and he thinks he clears Balerdi with a hook. The attacker is held by the Argentinian but the referee does not signal anything.

19:32 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of added time in this first period between the Shakhtar Donetsk and Olympique Marseille.

19:31 – Violent shock in the Shakhtar area

On the left side, Aubameyang curls a cross into the inbound trajectory. In the area, Kondogbia is at the right tempo and places his head behind Matvilenko’s back. His header is poorly controlled and the Marseille midfielder, carried away by his momentum, collides with Riznyk, late. Big shock between the two players but no fault.

19:28 – Harit above

Good sequence between Ounahi and Moumbagna. The Moroccan refocuses the game with a pass for Harit. Under the threat of Stepanenko who throws himself, the former Schalke 04 rushes his shot from the left which goes well above.

19:27 – Aubameyang clears

The Ukrainian free kick is pushed back before the near post by Aubameyang. On the counter, the Gabonese is at the conclusion but he does not manage to open a shooting window.


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