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Disappeared young people in Lagos de Moreno: They capture an alleged person responsible for brick factories

As part of the investigations by the five young Roberto, Diego, Uriel, Dante and Jaimeresidents of Lagos de Moreno, Jaliscoa subject was arrested for his alleged responsibility in crimes related to the brickyard in the municipality, in which human remains were found.

The brickyards have been being used to cremate human remains those who are deprived of liberty, which are previously mutilated.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office carried out an operation to arrest Valentín S., 51 years old, through an arrest warrant in the Estanzuela neighborhood, in the municipality of Teuchitlan.

The subject has already been made available to the judge who required it.

According to information from the ministerial investigation folder, the individual is identified as probable responsible in the crime of mentioning in damage of two deceased persons unidentified, located on August 20, in a property used as a brickyard, located in private El Sabino at the intersection with Camino Real de Zacatecas.

In this regard, the Strategic Security Coordinator in Jalisco, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben, reported on social networks that his capture was as part of the operations to find the missing young people from Lagos de Moreno.

“As part of the permanent operation that is implemented in the Northern Highlands Region in the search for the 5 missing young people in the municipality of Lagos de Morenothe Prosecutor’s Office managed to arrest a person allegedly responsible for the commission of crimes linked to the disappearance of people in a brickyard.”

Conducting thread of the investigation on the youth of Lagos de Moreno

As a result of the friends’ investigations in Lagos de Moreno, human remains were seized in different points of the Altos Norte area of ​​Jalisco, and none of the genetic profiles correspond to the five young peoplenor to the four women from Encarnación de Díaz, said Attorney General Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz.

“What has us busy right now with a greater number of personnel there is the issue of the four missing girls and obviously the five young Of all the evidence that has been located in Las Trojes, in the brickyard and some evidence that has been found where we believe they were deprived, until now we do not have positive opinions that coincide with the profile or genetic traits of the victims, nor of the four girls, nor of the five missing people.”

The analyzes of the localized human segments have led the authority to confirm a hypothesis that has been established for at least two years, or more, and that is that many of the disappearance victims are cremated in brick kilns of the demarcation, and according to the investigations it is a recurring practice of the Sinaloa Cartel in Teocaltiche, and it extended to the closest municipalities, now replicated by its rivals: the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

On August 21, during the search of the private El Sabino brickyard, bone fragments were seized, and the ministerial agents and forensic experts refer in their reports to nauseating odors inside the oven, and five machetes, two sharp weapons, a chainsaw and a hammer.

At the moment, they have not finished analyzing all the human remains that were secured at the point, according to Prosecutor Méndez Ruiz.

“The process from what I understand and what the Institute has explained to us is complicated by the conditions in which the remains were located, practically bone and in some cases affected by the issue of shock, then we are going to wait for the Institute to finish processing and if it gives a positive opinion, only in the first instance are the families informed.”

This research uncovered the previously reported cases in Teocaltiche, a neighboring municipality of Lagos de Moreno, where one of the main criminal cells is based, the Sinaloa Cartel, headed by the brothers Mario and Ramón González Martínez; The group calls itself the Teocaltiche Cartel, whose members use their ovens to destroy the people they previously violently deprived of their freedom.

The whereabouts of the boys are still unknown in the region, where surveillance has been reinforced with police from the three levels of government, although shootings continue, and some arrests and seizures of firearms have been achieved.

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