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SportsDisbandment in Morena: Morelos councilors resign and join the opposition Lucy Meza

Disbandment in Morena: Morelos councilors resign and join the opposition Lucy Meza

JIUTEPEC, Mor. (apro).– In the middle of the inter-campaign period, this Sunday a “disbandment” of Morena militants, advisors and leaders was announced to join the pre-candidacy of ex-Morena senator Lucía Meza Guzmán, now the sole pre-candidate for governor on the opposition front. which adds to the PRD, PRI, PAN and Progressive Social Networks.

In an event held in a large house located in Jiutepec, about a thousand representatives from more than half of the municipalities of Morelos presented their resignation to Morena and spoke out in support of Meza Guzmán, led by the Secretary of Organization of Morena in Morelos until yesterday. , María de la Luz Figueroa Villa, among other state advisors of that political force.

The hundreds of militants and community leaders spoke out in support of the opposition candidate, because in Morena “there was no room for us, because the national leader Mario Delgado has handed the party over to this young soccer player (Cuauhtémoc Blanco) who must be returned.” to the primary,” said Arnulfo Montes Cuen, leader of the committees that have now joined with Lucía Meza.

In a festive atmosphere, the senator called on those present to “rescue the state that is at the mercy of crime, since the authorities have left it,” she said that it is possible to build a different state. “Today is an important day, because decisions are being made to rescue Morelos from bad government. I recognize the bravery of our colleague and friend of hers, María de la Luz Villa, who had the dignity not to allow herself to be politically intimidated.”

Figueroa Villa denounced on several occasions the special delegate acting as state leader of Morena in Morelos, Ulises Bravo Molina, half brother of the governor, for gender political violence, however, the complaints had no consequences within the party. “To you, who decided to resign from Morena, I want to tell you that we are going to face a state election and that we have to be ready to fight to achieve our common goal: rebuild the state of Morelos,” said Meza Guzmán.

The opposition candidate assured that Margarita González Saravia, candidate for governor for Morena, “represents the continuity of a failed government” like that of Cuauhtémoc Blanco. “From here I tell you that you will not be able to defeat us, because the people of Morelos have already woken up and reject the continuity of the Cuauhtémoc Blanco government,” she said.

Morena’s candidacy for the Morelos government has suffered several detachments in recent months. First it was the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, which announced that it would leave the alliance because there was no willingness to take them into account. Then he amended the announcement a little, although he assured that they would only support the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

Then, a week ago, the Labor Party warned that they would only support Claudia Sheinbaum and Margarita González Saravia, but that in the 36 municipal presidencies and the 20 local deputies, they would seek to go alone. Tania Valentina Rodríguez, leader of the PT, said that their goal is to become the second political force in the entity.

Finally, on Sunday “a disbandment” of Morenista councilors and leaders in favor of Lucía Meza Guzmán was announced.

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