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Dutch court decides to bring home 12 Daesh women and 29 children from Syria

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands

A Rotterdam court in the Netherlands on Thursday ruled the government must bring back 12 Daesh/ISIS women and their 29 children from Syria.

The court ruled that the women and children must be brought back to the country within four months if the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office does not want to lose the right to prosecute them, reported public broadcaster NOS.

The Netherlands wants to prosecute women who went to Syria to join terrorist groups.

The decision, which was leaked to the media, was made in closed session and later confirmed by a court spokesman who spoke to NOS.

Dutch courts in previous cases never decided to bring a large group of suspected Daesh/ISIS members back.

In previous cases, courts have given six months to bring Daesh/ISIS women back to the Netherlands, while a decision about four months is made for the first time.

Earlier this year, the Dutch government brought back five women and 11 children suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization or planning a terrorist attack from a camp in northern Syria.

It was reported that the government, which is not in favor of bringing back Daesh/ISIS women, decided to do so so as not to lose investigative rights.

The Dutch Prosecutor’s Office is seeking eight years in prison for being a member of a terrorist organization for a woman who was brought back to the country on Wednesday.

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