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SportsEbrard accuses "great disorder" in Morena's polling

Ebrard accuses “great disorder” in Morena’s polling

MEXICO CITY (apro).-In addition to breaking the ban imposed by Morena, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubn today attacked the process that will define the party’s candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections, as he denounced on his networks that this Wednesday there was a “great disorder” and “severe problems” in the survey.

On his social networks, the former chancellor said he was “very concerned about the great disorder in the survey this morning” and, without giving further details, added: “we will keep you informed.” He indicated that Senator Martha Lucía Micher Camarena and her collaborator Martha Delgado are “trying to help the process succeed and resolve the severe problems that have occurred.”

With his message, Ebrard dealt a severe blow to the final phase of the selection process for Morena’s candidacy, during which the candidates had agreed to respect a ban. This ban was to end on September 6, with the announcement of the results of the survey.

This clash adds to the series of complaints that the politician has expressed throughout his campaign, whether against the “waste” of money by his rivals, against the “loading” of governors in favor of other candidates, or against the diversion of public resources from the government of Mexico City and the Ministry of Welfare.

Although he has insisted that he would not accept cheating in the survey, Ebrard has always maintained an ambiguous position regarding the decision he would make if he considered that the survey was not fair. With his message today, the former chancellor took another step in his strategy of confrontation with Morena’s leadership and his rivals, the outcome of which remains up in the air.

Yesterday, in an interview with host Azucena Uresti, the leader of Morena, Mario Delgado stated that the “survey process is highly armored and audited.”

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