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WorldEgypt with ceasefire plan; Israel will extend the attack to Lebanon

Egypt with ceasefire plan; Israel will extend the attack to Lebanon

Cairo: Egypt has put forward a three-phase action plan to end the Israel-Hamas war. The Reuters news agency reported that the head of Egypt’s State Information Service, Dia Rashwan, said that the project has been submitted for consideration by both parties and is awaiting a response.

A multi-stage ceasefire, including the exchange of hostages and prisoners, is intended to avoid bloodshed and restore peace in Gaza. Further information will be released only after discussions, he said. At the same time, Israeli forces continue to attack Gaza heavily. Fierce fighting is going on in Nusayrat, Buraij and Magazi area. People are being evacuated from these areas en masse.

More than 50 people were killed on Thursday. The health ministry said the total number of deaths in Gaza was 21,320. 55,603 people were injured. One person was killed in an Israeli attack on money exchange shops in the West Bank, accused of funding Hamas. The deaths of two officers and soldiers on Thursday brought the number of Israeli soldiers killed since the fighting began on October 7 to 501. 173 soldiers have been killed since the ground war began. 3000 soldiers are injured.

The drone crashed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Meanwhile, Israel’s army chief, Herzi Halavi, said the war would extend to Lebanon. This is in a situation where Hezbollah has intensified its attacks from Lebanon.

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