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WorldEight dead in US shooting, raising new concerns over gun violence

Eight dead in US shooting, raising new concerns over gun violence

New York. There were several incidents of shootings in America last week. Eight people, not including the attackers, have died in the states of Kentucky, Florida and California. Recently, on Sunday morning, there was a shooting in a restaurant in the city of Louisville, USA. One person was killed and six others were injured in the incident in the state of Kentucky. No arrest was made in this case.

Police are urging people with suspects or information about suspects to call their anonymous tip line, according to local media. A racially motivated shooting occurred at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, US on Saturday afternoon. At least four people, including the gunman, were killed in a shooting in the state of Florida. The shooting happened just a few blocks away from Edward Waters University, a historically black college.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said at a news conference that the victims – two men and a woman – were all black people. The white gunman, Ryan Palmeter, 21, lived with his parents in Clay County, Florida. According to police, he opened fire with a high-powered rifle and handgun while wearing a tactical vest. The media reported that Palmeters legally purchased these weapons despite a previous involuntary commitment to mental health testing. He left behind what the sheriff described as three manifestos outlining his “hateful ideology of hate” and his motive for the attack.

According to police, Palmeter, who shot himself after the attack, is believed to have acted alone. US President Joe Biden said in a statement on Sunday, “We must state clearly and emphatically that white supremacy has no place in America.” On Sunday evening, hundreds of people gathered at the church for a prayer meeting and prayer for the Jacksonville shooting victims.

The date of the shooting coincides with the fifth anniversary of the racist crime in Jacksonville, when another gunman opened fire during a video game tournament, killing two people, and then shot himself. The shooting also coincided with the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, a landmark civil rights event in the US. In another shooting Wednesday evening, 59-year-old retired Ventura police sergeant John Snowling shot dead three people and himself and wounded six others at a historic biker bar in Trabuco Canyon, 90 km south of downtown Los Angeles. .

Officials said the injured included Mary Snowling, the wife of the attacker, who was his target. Mary’s partner was shot at the scene. Gun violence has long been a divisive and deadly issue in society in America. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gun-related deaths in the US have been on a steady rise since 2004, reaching a record high of 48,830 in 2021. Due to this, there is also increasing concern among people about gun violence in the country.

Bodies of nine people found in eastern Brazil
Rio de Janeiro. Nine bodies, including three children, were found on Monday in Salvador, the capital of Brazil’s eastern Bahia province. Civil police gave this information. Civil police said that the bodies were found in a burnt condition. The bodies of the dead were found in two adjacent houses in the municipality of Mata de São João, in the larger metropolitan area of ​​Salvador. The bodies of two women with bullet injuries were found in one house, while half-burnt bodies of the remaining victims were found in another house.

The civil police said they also did not rule out the possibility that the victims may have been first murdered and then tried to burn them. He expressed apprehension that the victims may have been burnt to create difficulties in their identification. He said that a 12-year-old girl was also found alive from the spot, whose more than half of her body was burnt. He has been taken to the hospital in Salvador.

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