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Elections 2024: Hurry! This is the deadline to process your INE and be able to vote

The Federal National Institute (INE) is already preparing for the next elections in 2024, which is why it announced the deadlines for the elections. registrations to the Electoral Registry and renewal of the voting credential.

The electoral advisors established five procedures and deadlines in order to integrate the people who wish to participate in the next democratic process to the registry.

Procedures and deadlines

  • Change of address, correction of data or replacement due to validity – deadline January 22
  • Registration to the Electoral Register of young people who turn 18 years old (between January 1 to June 2, 2024) – deadline January 22.
  • Replacement for theft or loss – deadline February 8.
  • Collect the credentials that are processed – deadline March 14
  • Reprint – deadline May 20.

The electoral authority recommended using its website ( or calling 800 433 200 for any questions or clarifications.

What documents are needed to process the voting credential for the first time?

The National Electoral Institute reported that young people who reach the age of majority before June 2, 2024 will be able to go to any electoral module of their choice to process their voting credentials. The documents that must be presented are:

  • Original birth certificate
  • · Proof of address
  1. Receipt of payment of taxes and/or services (electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc.)
  2. Account status
  3. Leasing contract
  4. Certified copy of deeds
  • Photo identification.
  1. Passport
  2. Qualification
  3. Professional license
  4. Driver’s license
  5. National Military Service Card
  6. Public service credential
  7. school ID
  8. Work identification credential

If you do not have identification or proof of address, you must go to the INE module with two people to act as witnesses. One of the witnesses must have a valid credential from the mayor’s office or municipality of residence, the other only from the registered federal entity.

The electoral authority clarified that to carry out any procedure An appointment must be scheduled on the internet portal.

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